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USAT Corp. Joins Forces with Verizon Wireless to Efficiently Deploy and Support Machine-to-Machine Wireless Communication Devices

May 6, 2013

USAT’s Express M2M(TM) Service Simplifies Wireless Data Deployments

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — USAT Corp. today announced that the company is now a Verizon Wireless Vertical Solutions Provider (VSP). As a result of this new business relationship, USAT Corp. can deliver a streamlined approach to deploying and supporting standalone 2G, 3G EVDO and 4G LTE Verizon Wireless network devices. These devices, commonly called intelligent cellular modems, are used to provide Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless data communications for applications such as distribution automation, industrial automation, business continuity, wireless vending, video surveillance and intelligent transportation systems.

Express M2M(TM), www.ExpressM2M.com, USAT Corp.’s signature service as a VSP is an extension on the company’s DevProv+ offering–now expanded to meet the needs of clients who desire the convenience of procuring specialized wireless network hardware, Verizon Wireless airtime, deployment services and post-sale support from one company.

Express M2M(TM) shortens the time to intelligent cellular modem deployment which results in wireless data projects that move into production mode more efficiently with fewer issues. In addition, Express M2M(TM) gives clients access to post-sales support for a wide variety of WWAN devices, providing a simplified path to support. A warm spare pool for select M2M modems is made available to rapidly address “modem down” issues to ensure maximum uptime.

“For clients looking to control and monitor remote assets, transact point-of-sales events, or enable business continuity strategies using a world-class wireless network, USAT Corp. is the go-to company that can deliver the streamlined solution,” said USAT’s President, Beverly McRae.

“By selecting USAT Corp., Verizon Wireless, the leading network for M2M communications, shows our commitment to being the network that makes implementing wireless M2M communications more streamlined for our clients,” says Bryan Starks, Verizon Wireless M2M Specialist for the South East.

About USAT Corp.

Incorporated in 1996, with headquarters in the Triangle region of North Carolina, USAT Corp. (www.usatcorp.com) specializes in improving the efficiency of their clientele’s mission critical operations by implementing wireless communication solutions for remote data acquisition. USAT Corp. provides, configures, deploys and supports field-tested intelligent network devices produced by Sierra Wireless, Digi, CradlePoint, Sixnet, and other best-of-breed manufacturers. In addition, USAT is the trusted supplier of custom antenna, power, and environmental assemblies needed to complement wireless network device deployments.

CONTACT: Russ Carrier, 1-919-942-4214 x212, rcarrier@usatcorp.com


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