5.3 Vortec Crate Engine Now Added for Sale Online at CrateEnginesforSale.com

May 6, 2013

5.3 Vortec crate engine is now added for online sale at the CrateEnginesforSale.com company. This popular GM V8 motor is now provided to engine buyers, warranty companies and project car builders at a discount price to provide alternatives to dealership MSRP.

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

General Motors has maintained its lead as the largest automaker in the U.S. due in part to its branding of its engines worldwide. The 1980s developments helped to create the Vortec series and this motor can now be found for replacement purposes at a lower price online. The CrateEnginesforSale.com company is now selling the 5.3 Vortec crate engine. This V8 motor is now part of the GM inventory carried by this company and is now available for sale. The pricing and additional information important to buyers can now be found on the company website at crateenginesforsale.com.

The development of the 5.3 motor series provided an upgrade to the 4.3 V6 that was used for SUVs and pickup trucks. The larger displacement in the 5.3 provided an immediate horsepower upgrade that has helped boost sales of pickup trucks and SUVs using this engine type.

The Vortec series of motors that are now offered online and discounted for buyers represents the measures put in place this year to provide better inventory. The new and rebuilt crate builds that are offered by this company are expanding the buying options for car builders and owners of vehicles.

The Crate Engines for Sale Co. updated its quotation system online this year. This new system is one method now used by this company to distribute better pricing to all engine buyers. Since the research process for engines can be lengthy, this company developed its quotation system to provide immediate pricing for any crate engine in stock. The complete inventory carried by this company can now be quoted for immediate pricing and warranty information. These online measures are in place to provide an alternative to offline quote processing provided through the company toll-free number.

The freight policies for engine shipments have been altered recently for all customer shipments. The delays that can happen with some freight companies are now eliminated for Crate Engines for Sale Co. shipments. The shipment upgrades by this company have made it possible for same day shipments to be made for customers. These shipments are due to new freight agreements being reached to help guarantee customer engine deliveries. The new shipment policies are one extra incentive offered by this company this year to those choosing to purchase the crate motors now for sale.

About CrateEnginesforSale.com

The CrateEnginesforSale.com company has updated its company inventory of crate engines to include domestic and foreign produced motors this year. The Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, Jeep and other automaker variants in stock are helping to build a better inventory of motors online. The inclusions of three-year warranties are providing better assurance to buyers after installation. The CrateEnginesforSale.com company has updated its ordering system this year to include faster methods for research and ordering the company stock distributed in North America.

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