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J&A Issued Two U.S. Patents for DaMi2(TM) Predictive Analytics Engine and Technology

May 7, 2013

Big Data just got a little bit smaller, thanks to breakout technology

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Jacobson & Associates, LLC (J&A) today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patents No. 8,429,104, Concurrent Two-Phase Completion Genetic Algorithm Systems and Methods, and 8,429,105 Multi-Processor Instance System. In 2009, J&A’s DaMi2(TM) Predictive Analytics Engine Architecture shattered the barrier of predictive analytics efficiency, enabling a 2,000 fold increase in analytical engine speed over the state-of-the-art of Artificial Intelligence technologies. Now, the barrier is again broken by two additional patents making this analytics technology “cloud ready” with near exponential gains from multi-processor cooperation and snap-in scalability. The technology’s base efficiency has nearly doubled again, and its self-evolution and correction capabilities drive system maintenance so low they may be considered an Autonomous Analysis Appliance.

Owner and inventor, David Jacobson, “The fire hose of data just keeps opening wider, yet decision makers need real answers that are right today and continue to be right when the game changes tomorrow. In 2005 we realized that our amazing little DaMi2 box, which was effortlessly handling 50-60 simultaneous variables without reduction or replacement, could meet this challenge. So, we crafted the technology to scale n-dimensionally in a way that exploited our unique advantage. Now we pick a DaMi2 box and 10 siblings and conquer challenges with hundreds of variables, with the same resilient, self-adapting control. DaMi2 technologies have been solving real world, ‘unsolvable’ challenges for industry leading companies and Government agencies for over a decade.”

The Systems and Methods patent applies the power of DaMi2 technology and allows more flexible insertion into the existing data environment. The technology continuously adapts and self-improves, so it acts as a truly autonomous analytics controller. The technology sits above the existing database, indexing optimization, query processing layers; so the performance enhancement applies as a multiple to whatever processing power already exists.

The Multi-Processor Instance System patent expands the breakthroughs in the core DaMi2 architecture and instantiates them into a multi-processor environment. This allows near effortless scaling by simply adding new instances to the DaMi2 “Hive.” New instances arrive and instantly gain the benefit of all information discovered by earlier instances. Operating instances cooperate, sharing promising discoveries and pitfalls to avoid, while retaining their own identities and focus. This cooperation is architecturally endemic, requiring no coding, configuration or messaging. And by seeding the patented n-dimensional recessive coding structure into scaling, the encoded collective knowledge of any hive is infinitesimally small, and yet the performance gain of additional processors is nearly exponential.

J&A’s DaMi2 PredictionCloud(TM), a subscription-based Information as a Service (IaaS) offering, continually creates and self-enhances over 735,000 active prediction models and responds to more than 5,200 information/answer requests daily, on only a small hive.

Patents 8,429,104 and 8,429,105 are the second and third in a series associated with J&A’s DaMi2(TM) intellectual property.

About Jacobson & Associates, LLC

Established in 2003, Jacobson & Associates, LLC (J&A) is a growing leader in Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics product development and associated services. J&A produces the DaMi2(TM) Predictive Analytics suite of technologies which autonomously detects and identifies critical information in extremely complex data, with extraordinary speed and precision. J&A provides solutions to a number of major commercial clients and Government agencies, including IBM, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Postal Service, Dollar Tree, Department of Defense, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. DaMi2 finance sector solutions are provided via its affiliate, DavenportArk Financial Services, LLC.


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