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Allwinner Releases Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Firmware for A31, A31s, A20 Devices

May 8, 2013

ZHUHAI, China, May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Allwinner Technology, a leader in mobile application processors, is now releasing Android 4.2.2 firmware updates to its customers for A31, A31s, and A20 based devices.

Google first released its newest version of Android, code-named Jelly Bean, to the public on November 13, 2012 via the Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. Google focused on enhancing user experience in this version update, and Allwinner’s software engineering team has now succeeded in getting this update supported in new A-series end-products. Allwinner is proud to announce that A31, A31s, and A20 end-products now support Jelly Bean and the following new features:

  • Fluid UI transitions. Experience faster, silky-smooth menus and homescreens.
  • Innovative slide-down quick menu. Swipe down on the top-right side of any UI screen and reveal a quick settings menu with brightness, settings, WiFi, battery, and Bluetooth selection options. Swipe down on the top-left side of any UI screen and reveal a notification bar that displays recent calendar events, emails, downloads, weather, etc.
  • Enhanced lock screen experience. You can access Google Now directly from the lock screen and also set your own lock screen widgets like calendar events, email, etc.
  • Efficient gesture-typing. By swiping across letters instead of individually touching them, you can use Android’s built-in keyboard to write words faster than ever before.
  • Customizable Daydream screensavers. Personalize your device by choosing screensavers like color morphing, time display, or other custom Daydreams from developers.
  • Contemporary clock app design. Includes a stylish, more user-friendly countdown timer, alarm, and stopwatch.

With this Android Jelly Bean update, Allwinner also enhanced a few of its own features:

  • Optimized 4K player
  • Better display latency: solid 60 fps @ 1024×768
  • HDMI® multi-screen display
  • 0-second delay quick shot

Says Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing for Imagination Technologies: “We are delighted to see Allwinner deploying Android 4.2 across their A31 and A31s platforms, featuring our PowerVR Series5XT SGX544MP2 GPU that enables not only industry-leading OpenGL ES 2.0 performance but also unique API extensions for many eagerly demanded OpenGL ES 3.0 capabilities such as MRTs, occlusion queries, seamless cube maps, sampler access from vertex shaders, floating point textures and many others.

“The capabilities of Allwinner A31 and A31s-based devices are truly impressive, having been highly optimized thanks to our deep and strategic relationship with Allwinner, resulting in a high performance Android 4.2 platform ideal for the most demanding graphics-rich applications. Our strategic partners are discovering the benefits of leveraging the astonishing growth in performance capabilities of PowerVR GPUs, not only for graphics but also real-time compute-intensive tasks using APIs such as Filterscript and Renderscript under Android as well as Khronos’ OpenCL, enabling them to deliver the world’s most advanced GPU-powered platforms for Android and other Linux-based operating systems. We know our OEM partners and extensive PowerVR developer community will be excited by these latest Android 4.2 platforms from Allwinner, and we wish them every success.”

About Allwinner

Allwinner Technology is a leading fabless design company dedicated to smart application processor SoCs and smart analog ICs. Its product line includes multi-core application processors for smart devices and smart power management ICs used by brands worldwide.

With its focus on cutting edge UHD video processing, high performance multi-core CPU/GPU integration, and ultra-low power consumption, Allwinner Technology is a mainstream solution provider for the global tablet, internet TV, smart home device, automotive in-dash device, smart power management, and mobile connected device markets. Allwinner Technology is headquartered in Zhuhai, China.



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