Google Announces Ultra Fast Fiber Internet Expanding To Grandview, MO
May 8, 2013

Google Announces Ultra Fast Fiber Internet Expanding To Grandview, MO

Peter Suciu for — Your Universe Online

Google Fiber announced on Tuesday that it will expand its high-speed Internet service to Grandview, Missouri after the city´s board of aldermen agreed to provide the company with a franchise. The city is just 16 miles from Kansas City, where Google first rolled out the ultra-high-fast Gigabit service almost a year ago.

Google debuted its Fiber Internet service to Kansas City, Missouri last July, offering residents speeds of one gigabyte per second, or about 100 times faster than what is available from most current ISPs. The service also put the search giant in the TV delivery arena as it provided direct competition to current content providers such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T.

Since the arrival of the Gigabit service to K.C. last year, the company has been on a roll in the heartland and not just in the “Show Me State.” Earlier this week Google announced that it would be delivering Fiber to Shawnee, Kansas, which was the eighth city to get the service.

Grandview will now become the latest location to snag the service, along with such localities as Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. Google´s Fiber service is now scheduled for a mid-2014 rollout in the Texas capital city and home of the annual SXSW tech conference.

This latest expansion will in essence expand where it all began.

“Tonight, the Grandview, Missouri Board of Aldermen voted to bring Google Fiber to their community. Grandview now joins the growing number of areas in and around Kansas City that will have the opportunity to get Gigabit Internet speeds (up to 100x faster than the average American broadband connection) with Fiber,” Rachel Hack, community manager for Google Fiber, wrote in a blog post.

However, even with the sign off users might have to wait to get the high-speed service.

“It will still be awhile before we can build Fiber in Grandview–we need to plan and engineer our network there first. We´ll be sure to post more information here as soon as we can,” Hack added.

Now the Fiber service is expanding out to suburbs such as Grandview. According to the US Census Bureau Grandview has a population of 24,555 along with 11,070 housing units, so not exactly a large metropolis. However, Google´s move suggests that it could be looking to provide a cluster of services throughout the greater Kansas City market, which eventually would allow it to drive revenue through local ad sales, according to FierceCable.

Google currently offers three different packages to Fiber users, including an option for just the Internet, which is priced around $70 per month; a Gigabit+ TV, which offers TV and Internet services for $120 a month, along with 1TB of storage in a Google Drive; and even a free option, which provides Internet speeds of five megabytes per second. This does come with a one-time fee of $300 for Google to build out the network.

Google first announced the Fiber project back in February of 2010 and began construction of the network backbone in February 2012. Google´s plan was to build a commercial fiber-based high-speed broadband network that Google and others could use to test new business models, as well as applications that require fast connections. Originally thousands of cities competed to be the first to get the service, with Kansas City winning out.