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Kathleen “Kat” Jennings, CEO and Founder of TaxConnections, Continues Full Speed Ahead on Her Mission to Save Consumers From Higher Taxes While Offering Tax Professionals a Powerful Marketing Tool

May 15, 2013

LA JOLLA, Calif., May 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As the Founder of TaxConnections, a worldwide network of tax experts, Kathleen “Kat” Jennings has a distinguished record of flipping the script of tax consultancy. With three decades of experience helping multinational organizations reduce their tax burden by finding the best tax professionals to staff Fortune tax departments, Jennings decided it was time to enable consumers to have access to outstanding tax professionals as well. TaxConnections is the culmination of Jennings’ unmatched experience and industry tax connections worldwide.

Jennings previously founded ET Search, Inc., a specialized tax executive search firm, in 1980. Widely considered the leading tax executive search firm of its kind anywhere, ET Search, Inc. has enabled Jennings to develop a vast global network of tax professionals in corporations, public accounting firms, law firms, government, academia and tax services firms. Many of these contacts have contributed to the success of TaxConnections in one form or another.

In 2010, Jennings founded TaxConnections, which today features the profiles of soon-to-exceed 3,000 tax professionals representing 65 countries. Search statistics show that the site has been visited by people from more than 149 countries. Clearly, Jennings has struck upon an important and unmet consumer need that transcends national borders.

Jennings’ breakthrough was to pool the knowledge of tax professionals from a wide cross-section of the tax world: corporations, law firms, public accounting firms, tax services firms, government and academia. As such, consumers benefit from the ability to connect with an extraordinary range of tax experts that span five continents and 65 countries in one click. Registration for consumers is free and grants them access to the full directory of tax professionals’ profiles.

Jennings was also quick to see the potential of social media to connect individuals and businesses with tax experts. Consequently, the principles of social media have strongly influenced the unique approach of TaxConnections. For the first time, ordinary people around the world have direct access to a wealth of accurate tax information provided by a wide range of experienced tax professionals.

In a broad sense, education has informed every stage of Jennings’ career. Indeed, education and empowerment are at the core of the TaxConnections service. Citizens lose money every year when they are unaware of relevant tax deductions and credits. As any economist can explain, more money in citizens’ hands is a more robust economic driver than more money in the government’s coffers. The ultimate goal of Jennings’ service is to help people keep more of their income while staying on the right side of applicable tax laws.

“I founded TaxConnections to provide a one-of-a-kind educational resource for consumers and tax professionals around the world,” remarked Jennings. “Tax professionals, who pay an annual fee for membership, can build a rich profile, complete with articles, forms, white papers, PowerPoint presentations and more. For independent tax consultants, TaxConnections serves as a powerful and cost-effective marketing channel.”

Over the course of her 30-year-plus career, Jennings has participated in more than 500,000 communications with members of the tax community. With TaxConnections, she has single-handedly engineered a paradigm shift in how ordinary taxpayers seek out the guidance of expert-level tax professionals.

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