Google Glass Gets Social and Commerce Apps
May 17, 2013

Google Glass Gets Social And Commerce Apps

Enid Burns for — Your Universe Online

Google Glass is currently in the hands of the few. The new wearable computing device is in its early deployment, and now the growing set of users are starting to see apps developed for the device.

Social networks Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, as well as ecommerce website eBay are among the properties getting Glass treatment, the Telegraph UK reports.

So as not to cause confusion between apps for mobile devices and apps for the computer, Google is calling apps for Glass “Glassware,” the New York Times reports.

Glassware developers have been given four pieces of advice from Google: "Keep it short and sweet for the small screen; make sure alerts are relevant; send timely information people need on the go and make tasks easier and more seamless than they are on other devices," the New York Times reports.

The apps are important for the influencers who plunked down the money for Glass and are using it out in public. "The addition of major social networks and the facility to buy products via eBay significantly broadens the appeal of the product beyond a small core of Silicon Valley acolytes," the article said.

The first wave of apps included CNN news alerts, women's magazine Elle, and reminders from Evernote. The New York Times newspaper and messaging service Path were among the very first apps for Glass.

While there are several apps in development, developers can't expect the same amount of data or monetization from Glass users just yet. The New York Times reports that developers have limited access to user data, and are not allowed to show advertisements via the app.

That still doesn't deter companies from making apps for this group of influencers. It is crucial for Google to build an ecosystem of apps and content for the device, but also important for platforms to be in front of this audience, or the audience will find other venues to spend their time on Glass.

Reports of a Twitter app began appearing last month. Now the apps are seeing the light of Glass. Reuters reports that Facebook and Twitter apps are now at the ready. At Google's I/O conference about a half a dozen apps were revealed; including CNN, Elle, Tumblr, Evernote, Twitter and Facebook.

It was also revealed that eBay is working on applications for Google Glass, Reuters reports. The Innovation and New Ventures Group at eBay are taking part in the Google Glass trial program, which gives eBay both the user and developer perspective.

An eBay app might give bidders an opportunity to stay updated on the status of running auctions, and if they are outbid. The app could also alert users to new auctions within a user's search parameters. Sellers can also stay up to date on their open auctions while not in front of the computer.

Glass users are free to use their Glass anywhere -- with the exception of a few banned locations such as the The 5 Point, a dive bar in Seattle. As far as sharing, users are tethered to Google properties such as sharing photos and video on Google+.