Pinterest Looks To Broaden Its Horizons With More Useful Pins
May 20, 2013

Pinterest Looks To Broaden Its Horizons With More Useful Pins

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Though it´s highly revered by users, social sharing site Pinterest still has a few kinks to work out of its system.

With 25 million users essentially sharing links in the form of appealing and appetizing pictures, things don´t always work out the way they should. More specifically, users can get lost in an ocean of links and often end up just finding broken links, if it leads them to anything at all. Pinterest is also working on solidifying a monetization model which includes plenty of advertising.

Pinterest is addressing these issues today with more useful “pins” (links) and the ability to pin something from other mobile apps. The social company has partnered with several businesses and websites to include more info with certain pins.

Specifically, Pinterest is focusing on three kinds of pins: Movie Pins, Product Pins and Recipe Pins.

As mentioned above, a user may find a picture of a recipe they´d love to try, but after clicking through several sites for the ingredient list, the link might be broken. Pinterest says they want to make these kinds of pins more useful and present the information in an easier way. Certain Movie Pins, for example, will be fully fleshed out with ratings, cast members and reviews. Product Pins will also include important information, such as where to buy the product and how much it costs. Recipe Pins will include a full ingredient list as well as photos of the dish and other pertinent information.

Pinterest has worked with a large number of companies and websites to add this information to their pins, including Anthropologie, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, Epicurious, Martha Stewart Living, Whole Foods Market and Netflix.

“From your feed, you can tell when a pin has more information by the icon that appears below the picture. We´ll also update all of your old pins so they´re more useful, too,” reads an introductory Tumblr post from Pinterest. The sharing network is also opening up these “rich pins” to any site that wants to share more information with their Pinterest-friendly users.

It´s this move to make pins more “actionable” which the company hopes will bring in advertisers to their site. The ability to have users sharing their products with one another and be led to their site to purchase said item is a mouthwatering proposition for these businesses. It´s this kind of effortless sharing and buying which has led to other companies swooping in to gain some ground on Pinterest., for instance, separates itself from Pinterest by giving users the ability to actually buy the products they see on the site.

According to GigaOm, Pinterest isn´t yet making any money from these new rich pin partnerships. As the company is still in its growth period, many onlookers are curious to how Pinterest will one day look to earn money rather than raising it from investors. These new rich pins are only available in Pinterest´s new layout which was first announced in March.