May 23, 2013

Smartphone with Sharp’s IGZO Wins Gold Award from SID in Display of the Year Award

Osaka, May 23, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Sharp's SH-02E smartphone with IGZO(1) LCD panel, sold by NTT Docomo in Japan, has won the Gold Award(2) in the Display of the Year category, part of the 2013 Display Industry Awards(3) sponsored by the SID (Society for Information Display). The Moth Eye(R)(4) technology used in Sharp's AQUOS XL9 lineup was also honored, winning the Silver Award in the Display Component of the Year category.

With over 6,000 members, SID is the world's largest industry organization for displays. It sponsors the Display Industry Awards, influential industry honors for novel and outstanding developments in display technology. Gold and silver awards are presented in the three categories of display products, display applications, and display devices and materials.

Sharp's SH-02E received the Gold Award in the Display of the Year category for products incorporating novel and outstanding displays. The award recognizes the product's superb energy efficiency thanks to IGZO, a display technology that allows the phone to be used for two days(5) without recharging.

Sharp's Moth Eye technology won the Silver Award in the Display Component of the Year category for devices and materials that contribute to major improvements in display performance. Sharp took honors in this category for how the technology dramatically reduces screen reflectance and improves color reproduction through a structure in which, as the name suggests, moth-eye-like nanostructures are formed on film.

The awards ceremony took place on May 22 at Display Week 2013, an international symposium held in Vancouver, Canada.

Awards for Sharp

1. Award name: Gold Award for the 2013 Display of the Year Award
- Awarded product: Smartphone (Docomo NEXT Series AQUOS Phone ZETA SH-02E, sold by NTT Docomo) incorporating IGZO LCD technology
- Awarded companies: Sharp Corporation, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

2. Award name: Silver Award for the 2013 Display Component of the Year Award
- Awarded product: Moth Eye technology incorporated in the AQUOS XL9 lineup
- Awarded company: Sharp Corporation

(1) Developed jointly for mass production by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
(2) The award was shared by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory and Sharp.
(3) The Display Industry Awards are influential honors given by SID every year since 1995. They consist of a Gold Award and Silver Award in each of the following three categories:
- Display of the Year Award (product)
- Display Application of the Year Award (application)
- Display Component of the Year Award (device, material)
(4) Moth Eye is a trademark or registered trademark of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
(5) Measured by Sharp based on assumed conditions of usage (e.g., sending/receiving e-mails, using apps). May vary greatly depending on factors such as how apps are used and the network environment.

About Sharp

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