Buzz Off: Google To Move All Buzz Data To Drive
May 28, 2013

Google To Migrate All Buzz Data To Google Drive

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

Although Google officially shut down its Buzz social service in October 2011, the Internet search giant is now taking the final step in pulling the plug on the service, according to various media reports.

The company notified former users via email on Friday that beginning July 17 all of their Buzz data — including any private and public posts — will be migrated into a folder in their Google Drive account.

Fortunately, none of the Buzz data will count against a user's existing storage quotas on Drive, reports The Next Web.

Instead, Google will create two separate files -- one accessible and viewable only by the user, which will include a snapshot of all public and private posts, and a second file that will be publicly available.

The second file can appear in Google search results as well as a person's Google+ profile, and any incoming links to a user's Google Buzz account will now point to this second file. This file will also include all of the user´s previously public Buzz content.

With respect to old Google Buzz comments, the company is basically transferring privacy controls from the user who left the comment to the poster of the content in which the comment appeared.

In other words, if a user made a comment on a friend´s private post and assumed it would stay that way, the friend will now have the option of making the content public if he or she wishes.

Anyone wishing to delete the entirety of his or her old Google Buzz account prior to the data migration can do so here. Former users who don´t wish to delete their accounts entirely can choose to delete their public Google Buzz posts before the migration date.