Mind Machines Announces the Portacle Software Based on the Science of Automata and Psiometrics by Don Estes

June 3, 2013

Mind Machines Announces immediate availability of The Portacle Psiometric software for Mac and PC

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 03, 2013

Mind Machines kicks off sales of The Portacle, a revolutionary Psiometric software program for Mac and PC systems. The Portacle is based upon Psiometrics and Psiofeedback, which unlike biofeedback software, measures the emotional and spiritual facets as well. The Portacle is best utilized with a microphone headset with stereo headphones and a sound-shielded announcer booth style headset is strongly recommended for maximum performance.

Don Estes, inventor of The Portacle says, “Whereas biofeedback measures and feeds back only the physiological aspects of being, Psiofeedback includes the mental/emotional and spiritual facets as well. Psiometrics has a depth of discernment not available within biometrics because its “artificial awareness” algorithms can examine and manipulate the most fundamental building blocks of a person´s reality that govern their manner of being and doing. Whereas one might conceive of biometrics as an “emotional engine”, Psiometrics can be seen more as an “awareness engine” that extends into those extra domains of mind and spirit. “

Mind Machines is a distributor for The Portacle. Mind Machines is dedicated to providing high tech mind tools for relaxation, meditation, rapid learning, peak performance and more. For more information about the Portacle psiofeedback software visit mindmachines.com.

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