G4 Report: LED Lights Shine on the World’s Most Famous Painting, the Mona Lisa—as Well as in the Kitchen and at the Gas Station

June 6, 2013

The progress from old technology to new continues as convenience store owners, high-end kitchen suppliers and the Louvre in Paris switch to energy-efficient LED lighting, as reported in the G4 Report.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) June 07, 2013

The latest news about LED lighting in the G4 Report concerns one of the world´s most famous museums and its most famous work of art: the Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci. The millions who flock to Paris to see it every year will now be seeing it lit by LED lighting, part of the Louvre´s ongoing lighting renovations. The Louvre will save money on its energy bills, and in a couple of very different markets, businesses are discovering that they can save money too. Convenience stores and other all-night operations like gas stations spend a fortune on lighting, but that changes when they switch to LEDs and cut their energy consumption by up to 70 per cent. And a well-known New York supplier to the luxury kitchen market has also made the switch, part of its commitment to sustainability. Read these and other stories in the G4 Report.

“LED now lights the Mona Lisa at Louvre in Paris”

The world´s most famous museum decided to replace all of its old lighting with new LED technology. The work started on the exterior of the vast building, and the orders were to reproduce the look and warm colour of the old lighting identically. Now, having achieved its results on the outside to general acclaim, retrofit moved inside, starting with some of the world´s most famous and beloved paintings. It must have been a daunting task to tackle the Mona Lisa, but that is where they began. And now the results are open to the public. More about the Louvre´s switch to LEDs . . .

“Convenience store owners find payoff in LED lights”

Consumers take it for granted and demand that convenience-type retail should be there 24 and 7. But for owners, the cost of maintaining a store with energy-guzzling refrigeration and bright, appealing lighting is enormous. It´s a cost of doing business, to be sure, but if there was a way to reduce it, who wouldn´t jump at it? Which is why all-night spots of various descriptions, from roadside gas stations with coffee shops to neighbourhood convenience stores, are turning to energy-efficient LED lights. The owner of one chain of convenience stores was tired of seeing energy bills rise 12—15 per cent a year. That´s when his company made the switch from old-style lights to LED. And individual owners are doing the same, some of them seeing their electricity bills drop by 70 per cent. Get more on this story . . .

“Luxury kitchen/bath dealer undergoes huge LED retrofit”

Switching from conventional lighting to LED doesn´t have to just about saving money. An employee-owned luxury kitchen and bath supplier in New York City wanted to do more for the environment when it decided to undertake a series of green initiatives. They included setting up the largest solar installation in the city at the time, with more than 1,000 solar panels on the roof of the company´s headquarters. The PV panels produced enough energy to supply one-third of the building´s energy needs for a year. Then it was time to replace all the old fluorescent lighting in a 209,000 square foot distribution centre. Changing over to LED tube lighting was expensive, but the company received some very generous rebates from the power company, and the annual power bills have fallen by 60 per cent. Find out more . . .

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