GamePop To Play iOS Games And Android Games On TVs
June 8, 2013

Upcoming GamePop Video Game Console Will Include iOS Titles

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports — Your Universe Online

A soon-to-be-released home video game console that will allow users to play mobile games on their television sets will support iOS games as well as Android titles, the company behind the device has confirmed.

BlueStacks, whose GamePop system will launch later this year, will be able to play software originally designed for iPads and iPhones without using any Apple code, Katie Marsal of AppleInsider reported on Friday. GamePop will run the iOS games using emulation software, BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma explained, making it quite possibly the first non-Apple device capable of running those apps.

Also on Friday, Sharma announced the first iOS partner for the GamePop — Subatomic Studios, developers of the popular tower-defense title Fieldrunners. While Fieldrunners is available on multiple platforms, including Android, Sharma told TechCrunch that in cases where apps are available on both iOS and Android, GamePop will feature the “flagship” version of the game — in this case, the one developed for Apple devices.

“The ability to bring iOS games to TV is unprecedented,” Subatomic CEO Jamie Gotch said in a statement. “At the same time, this is a natural evolution. Mobile games are providing richer graphics and gameplay and heading towards the living room fast.”

The machine, which will also grant users access to open-source Android software, will accomplish this feat thanks to built-in mobile-to-television technology known as “Looking Glass,” said Time´s Jared Newman. The system is scheduled to ship this winter, and while it will eventually cost $129, it will be free with the purchase of an $84 dollar yearly ($6.99 each month) Netflix-style subscription for a limited time.

BlueStacks is touting that the new console will grant gamers access to 500 mobile gaming titles as part of their package, and they are reportedly courting other iOS partners to join Subatomic. Furthermore, the company announced that all iPad and iPhone games will include access to in-app purchases, which will be handled through a third-party in-app purchase API provider on Android.

Hardware and controller specs have not yet been announced, but BlueStacks said it is working with Qualcomm, Intel, and AMD,” said PCMag reporter Stephanie Mlot. “The company also tipped initial titles from education app developers Intellijoy and Tipitap, as well as COM2US — Korea's largest game developer and producer of Tower Defense, Tiny Farm, and HomeRun Battle 3D — which will have its own GamePop channel.”