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Homewood Human Solutions(TM) is Pinning Down a Niche on Pinterest

June 10, 2013

Company creates the first of its kind virtual storefront

TORONTO, June 10, 2013 /CNW/ – Homewood Human Solutions, a leader in
mental health and addiction, and Employee and Family Assistance
Programs, has become the first in the industry to get pinned -on

“Pinterest is not only the fastest growing social networking site but
it’s also rapidly evolving from a way of sharing and collecting
personal images to a way of sharing and collecting a wide range of
consumer information,” says Craig Thompson, CEO for Homewood Human
Solutions. “The site allows us to further engage our customers, provide
useful information to the public, analyze consumer needs and interests
and obtain important feedback.”

Pinterest is a social network site that allows users to post (“pin”)
images or videos to their or others’ sites. Users can organize
information into categories (“pinboards”) and, as with most other
social networks, can follow, like and share. Visitors are encouraged to
interact with the content by reposting pins and a pin can include a
link back to its source, which offers businesses a new way to attract
people to their websites.

“The site allows us to create a virtual storefront containing a wide
variety of health and wellness materials,” continues Thompson.
“Visitors can find information about Homewood Human Solutions as well
as wealth of useful material on such subjects as mental health,
physical health, social media, human resources and leadership and
engagement. More pinboards are planned.”

More and more organizations are realizing that Pinterest, with its
skyrocketing popularity, is becoming more effective than Facebook.
According to Nielsen’s 2012 Social Media Report, Pinterest had a year
over year growth of 1,047 percent. Comparatively, visitors to Twitter
increased by 13 percent while Facebook experienced a drop of four

See the Homewood Human Solutions Pinterest site at http://www.pinterest.com/homewoodhs.

Homewood Human Solutions is now using a suite of social media platforms
to market a suite of services in Canada – and throughout the world-wide

Homewood Human Solutions(TM) is a leader in mental health strategies for
the workplace and provides Employee and Family Assistance Programs
(EFAPs / EAPs), workplace interventions, health promotions,
psychological assessments and disability management services. The
Company serves over 3,200 organizational clients and supports over one
million employees in managing their health and wellbeing.

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