BEAT100 Ultimate Musicians, XOVA, Fuse UK Pop and Rock with Jamaican Reggae

June 10, 2013

Based in Birmingham, UK, recent BEAT100 Ultimate Musician winners, XOVA, represent the “sound of 2013” with their modern blend of reggae vibes combined with pop, rock, ska, metal, dubstep, blues, Motown, and folk.

(PRWEB) June 10, 2013

Based in Birmingham, UK, recent BEAT100 Ultimate Musician winners, XOVA, represent the “sound of 2013” with their modern blend of reggae vibes combined with pop, rock, ska, metal, dubstep, blues, Motown, and folk. “We are a crossover, or xova, of many genres“¦ we definitely have that reggae flavor in our show, but we can´t pretend we come from Jamaica,” says Wayne, the band´s lead singer and guitarist, “We are heavily influenced as being from Birmingham and have grown up with a hybrid of music here, from Steel Pursle, UB40, and Pato Banton to Duran Duran and Black Sabbath.” BEAT100 members can vote for the band´s high ranking song, ℠9 Lives´, in the BEAT100 Original Music Video Chart this week while enjoying XOVA´s modern and fusion sound. Listeners will quickly find XOVA´s ℠9 Lives´ captivating, as Wayne´s distinguishing vocal performance resonates with the band´s pop and reggae vibe, which features trombone and brass to add additional color throughout. “We love to rock out with a reggae vibe,” says Wayne, “I think reggae is evolving and is being fused more and more into pop, reggae, ska, and even metal.”

It was while touring in Lithuania playing covers a few years ago, when the band was asked to perform on live TV during a prime time Saturday night slot. On Saturday morning previous to the show, Wayne gathered the ensemble for rehearsal in his tiny hotel room and the group prepared a number his original songs for their evening performance. The opportunity was a huge success for XOVA, as they reached an audience of over one million listeners on Eastern European TV and received positive reactions from fans. “We walked off the TV set knowing we had turned a corner and [performing] our own songs was the future [of the band],” says Wayne, “We went home and started recording our first album, ℠The Pressures of Life.´”

Not only does XOVA´s music and sound delight listeners, but their compelling lyrics and message throughout each release also attracts the group´s now international fan-base. Known for their outspokenness on issues involving political and social unrest, such as their release of ℠Knife Crime City´ discussing crime in Birmingham and ℠Our Generation´ focusing on the undesired wars in the Middle East, where some of the band´s friends were sadly killed in action, XOVA also captures listeners attention with more personal themes. “Sometimes there are just the simple and uplifting love and positive vibes to be sent,” says Wayne, for instance,“℠9 Lives´ was written about a girl who kept giving me an ultimatum between her and music“¦ she lost.”

XOVA´s dedication to their sound and message has certainly paid off, as the group recently achieved a spot in the prestigious ℠Isle of Wight Festival´ on June 14th in Seaclose Park on the Isle of Wight. The band will perform alongside The Script, Emile Sande, Bon Jovi, Ellie Goulding, Stone Roses, Paul Weller, and many more while featuring their outstanding talent as live performers. XOVA competed with over 2,700 unsigned bands from the UK for the spot. “We got down to the last 12 [bands] and were asked to play in front of a selected industry named panel and invited audience,” recalls Wayne, “We just blew the roof off the place. It´s no good writing a song if you can´t perform it and that´s what we do best: live shows.”

In addition to their recent success with the Isle of Wight Festival, XOVA also is placing the final touches on a short film they completed about the music scene in Birmingham. The film features famous artists like UB40, The Beat, and Wonderstuff while also highlighting XOVA as “the next big thing” in the UK music scene and beyond. The band compiled so much footage for the film that they plan to release 12 ℠webisodes´ on their website at XOVATV and on YouTube for audiences to enjoy. The complete film will premiere in Birmingham and online in August or September.

Though they´re constantly hard at work releasing music and performing, completing their documentary, and maintaining the status of independent musicians, XOVA is still sure to enjoy their time as a band by retaining a classic ℠rock and roll´ image throughout their pursuits. “We even threw our manager’s bed out a hotel window in Holland,” says Wayne. Rock and roll indeed.

As summer begins, XOVA already has a full line-up of gigs, with more on the way. Fans can see XOVA perform during upcoming summer tour dates listed below and follow the band on their website (http://www.xovalive.com) or via BEAT100 and Facebook to stay updated on additional performance dates, their documentary premiere, and upcoming music releases. In addition, musicians and music lovers can join BEAT100 for free to connect with XOVA and view and vote for their music video ℠9 Lives´ in the BEAT100 Original Music Video Chart this week. “Although we would be happy to be successful only in the UK, we have always tried to make our sound and music for an international audience,” says Wayne, “The feedback so far has been crazy from BEAT100 members from Australia to Russia, USA to Singapore, Germany, and India. People like us and that is about the coolest thing you can imagine for a band. Maximum respect from XOVA to all of you at BEAT100 and all our new found friends, hopefully one day soon we will play a gig near you.”

Friday 31st MAY 2013


Camden, London

14th June 2013


Seaclose Park, Isle of Wight

PO30 2QS

14th July 2013


Handsworth Birmingham

3rd August 2013


Coopers Field , Pewsey    SN9 5BL    

15th November 2013


Keizer Karelplain 32H, 6511 NH

Nijmegen    HOLLAND    

16TH November 2013

THE ROBIN 2 [ Supporting THE BEAT ]

Mount Pleasent

BilstonWest Midlands

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