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Compuverde and Computer Science Students Reveal Big Data Storage Project at Stanford Software Faire

June 11, 2013

Compuverde Supports Next-Generation Innovation for Real-World Storage Problems

KARLSKRONA, Sweden, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Compuverde, the Big Data storage solution for service providers, telecommunications companies and enterprises, today announced that the team of Stanford University CS210 computer science students it supported has showcased its final product at the Stanford Software Faire.

Key Facts:

  • Data center software must be able to rebuild lost data rapidly and accurately to counteract the inevitable failure of storage hardware
  • Compuverde’s software-defined storage solution delivers extreme resiliency for telecom-grade access via a low-energy, low-footprint model
  • Compuverde-mentored students designed a project tackling data center resiliency
  • The project improves the current paradigm of providing fault tolerance for data storage systems

The Stanford Software Faire offers students the chance to present live demonstrations of their capstone projects before visitors from industry and the financial community. The Compuverde team’s project is in response to industry demand for solutions that solve the storage and data retention problems facing major private and public organizations operating in today’s global economy.

Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder of Compuverde, said:
“Stanford is positioning its students to solve the technology problems of tomorrow, not just those of today. We are very proud of the students we worked with and know that they will enter the job market with a keen appreciation of the data center storage and cost containment challenges facing the market. Compuverde supports the efforts of all innovators seeking to solve some of industry’s most entrenched problems surrounding storage, data resiliency and virtual machine environments.”

Jay Borenstein, Stanford instructor, said:
“We are pleased to have had Compuverde as a collaborator this academic year. Having the corporate participation of partners such as Compuverde introduces CS210 students to the real-world challenges and opportunities in ways that are difficult to replicate in a traditional academic environment. This has been a positive experience for the students and best prepares them to be successful transitioning to their professional careers.”

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About Compuverde
Compuverde is an innovator in Big Data storage solutions for service providers, telecommunications companies and enterprises. Compuverde’s solution combines telco-grade “five nines” reliability and highly-scalable cloud-based object storage with integrated cache functionality, delivering 50 percent lower energy usage and enabling the use of environmentally-friendly hardware. For more information, visit www.compuverde.com.

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