MinuteHound Announces Time Clock Software For Grocery Stores

June 11, 2013

The new time clock software for grocery stores is available now and assists individual and retail outlets keep track of all employee activity from a single location.

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

As Minutehound announces time clock software for grocery stores, large and small grocery stores who use the time clock software are expected to boost savings while reducing expenses. Minutehound´s time clock and attendance software has saved many companies money off their payroll expenses, by helping grocery store managers and owners to better manage and track their employees´ time at work.

Grocery stores of all sizes in all locations, from Hawaii to Texas to New Hampshire are choosing to use Minutehound´s biometric fingerprint attendance scanners to save money from their payroll costs. The time clock software, which is available now, effectively eliminates all time clock theft practices such as buddy punching, time clock manipulation and unapproved overtime. Not only are grocery stores saving money from lost or stolen time at work, but Minutehound´s time clock software for grocery stores also saves companies money because it is a paperless system. Companies can save even more money because they do not have to maintain stocks of time sheets or time cards to keep track of their employee payroll.

Large grocery stores are always looking for ways to save money off their payroll costs, and this is especially true for chains. With dozens of employees or more, often working at various locations within a city or state, Minutehound´s revolutionary time clock software for grocery stores is just the technology that grocery stores can utilize to lower their payroll expenses.

No longer are time sheets or time cards used in calculating a grocery store´s employee payroll hours. Instead, employees use Minutehound´s patented biometric time clocks to log-in and out from work. Employees´ time and location are exactly recorded and then stored safely, using 128-bit encryption to transfer data, on Minutehound´s remote server.

Large and small grocery stores are choosing to use Minutehound´s biometric attendance system because it is easy to use and install. Grocery store employees can now clock-in and out from work without having to use time cards. Employees only need to place their thumb or forefinger on one of the biometric scanners to log-in to work. Payroll reports and all employee information is available to grocery store owners and managers at anytime. Accessing payroll information only requires a computer, an Internet connection and any web browser.

Biometric fingerprint scanners install effortlessly into any computer´s USB port, and within minutes grocery managers can begin to enroll employees into Minutehound´s time clock attendance system. Minutehound´s new time clock software for grocery stores is user friendly and no training is required.

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