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Protecting Yourself from Cyberspies: Tips from IPCopper

June 12, 2013

PORTLAND, Ore., June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Cyberspies steal information by exploiting the same backdoors, software bugs and vulnerabilities as hackers. Cyberspying and hacking are one and the same, using internet connections to get at private and sensitive computer data, cybersecurity measures notwithstanding. As the continuous reports of malware, breaches, data theft and cyberspying reveal, the traditional model of antivirus + firewall is not enough.

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Neither firewalls nor antivirus generate alerts when they fail – they cannot tell when a hacker or cyberspy has defeated them and gotten in. And, unlike packet capture, they do not record network or internet activity. Firewalls and antiviruses are based on the same concept for detection: comparing data against signatures of known malicious code. Developing new signatures, however, takes months from when new malware is discovered in the wild. In some cases, discovery takes years.

Intercepting communications and spying on hackers and cyberspies is quite easy with IPCopper packet capture appliances. Hackers and cyberspies use the victim’s own internet connection to siphon data; to detect this, all the victim needs to do is record everything that passes through that connection. The tell-tale signs of malware communicating with its spy masters are the same, regardless of its type: computers initiating unusual connections with other servers; computers communicating when not in use; frequent pop-ups during internet browsing; and increases in unsolicited e-mails seeking participation in foreign lottery or bank fraud.

A simple indicator of a possible problem is a blinking router when no one is using the internet. IPCopper packet capture appliances reveal more, not just that something is going on, but what is going on: they record every single packet in and out, leaving hackers and cyberspies no place to hide.

IPCopper makes cybersecurity safe and easy as 1-2-3. Installation is as simple as connecting cables and powering up – the appliances operate automatically, requiring no configuration. They also incorporate robust data security features, including always-on, complex dual encryption; high capacities for long-term recording; a sealed, all-metal enclosure (some models are 9mm bulletproof); physical access controls; and invisible network profile. IPCopper appliances support the full range of network speeds and capacities, from home office to 10Gbps enterprise networks.

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