Larger Cheaper Colorful iPhones
June 13, 2013

Are Larger, Cheaper, Colorful iPhones Just Around The Corner?

Michael Harper for — Your Universe Online

Just days after the latest update to the iPhone´s operating system iOS 7, rumors have begun flying about future smartphones from Apple. According to a Reuters report today, Apple is interested in larger screens for their best selling device in the neighborhood of 4.7-inches and 5.7-inches. They also claim Apple is working to produce a cheap iPhone ($99) available in five to six colors.

If these claims sound familiar at all, it´s because they are. The year began with a report from the China Times which spoke of the “iPhone Math,” a thus far fictional device with a 4.8-inch screen meant to fend off the phablet competition. Rumors of cheap and colorful iPhones have also been floating around for many years and are most often fueled by analysts looking into untapped corners of the global smartphone market.

There´s plenty of careful language in today´s Reuter´s report. According to their sources, Apple has approached parts suppliers with plans of larger screens and is “exploring” options for making their iPhone larger. There´s also a careful quote from one of the sources who mentioned that Apple “constantly change(s) product specifications almost to the final moment.” Many have expected Apple to release a 5-inch iPhone simply because Samsung, their fiercest competitor, offers a host of devices in this size and larger.

Reuters´ inside sources also claim Apple may be releasing two new phones, including the expected update to the current device, the iPhone 5S, and a cheaper, colored version. Once again the rumor of an iPhone 5S equipped with fingerprint technology has emerged, a recurrent fixture in many of this year´s iPhone-related speculations. The same is true of the cheap and colorful iPhones as well, though Reuters´ sources may disagree with one another regarding an estimated time of arrival.

At one point the report claims Apple will release two new phones this year, the 5S and colored phones. Later the report says Apple discussed selling the cheap iPhone for $99, but that its arrival could be pushed back to next year for some other price. The sources also say test production of the 5S and cheap iPhones could start next month to meet demand for a September release.

"Trial production was originally planned to start in June, but the mixing of colors is taking longer than expected as Apple has very high and idealistic standards," explained one of the sources in the report.

It is not surprising that Apple is experimenting with phones of different sizes. The company hinted at this on Monday during their WWDC Keynote presentation in a video explaining their approach to new products.

“There are a thousand no´s for every yes,” says Apple´s video, a tribute to a similar quote made by cofounder Steve Jobs in 1997. Apple will try things like larger screens or colorful and plastic iPhones at a testing phase before ever releasing it to the public. Today´s Reuters report doesn´t say when Apple could release these devices and only mentions that they´re exploring the possibility.