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Secure Recordless Messaging Protects Corporate Communications from Damages Caused by Data Leaks and Security Breaches

June 17, 2013

Vaporstream’s SRMS makes communications security fears a distant memory

CHICAGO, June 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A variety of organizations from government agencies to iconic consumer brands, internet startups to trusted financial institutions, have reported major data breaches in the last year. According to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, which investigated 47,000 security incidents in the past year alone, corporate data is a valuable asset that is often a target for attack. Hackers, laptop and mobile device thefts, human error and unintended propagation can all lead to the exposure of sensitive information.

The good news? Such attacks on corporate communications can be sidestepped through the use of Vaporstream’s Secure Recordless Messaging Service (SRMS). Unlike systems that rely on encryption or delete messages on a predetermined schedule, messages sent through Vaporstream’s SRMS, called “Vispers”, never rest on a server, making Vaporstream the only truly recordless digital communication platform in the world. Freed from fear that sensitive conversations may be revealed, executives can use Vaporstream to conduct business efficiently and transparently with the intended audience.

“The ability to communicate from executive-to-executive with confidence that the message will reach only its intended recipient can restore a reasonable speed of business to the corporate world,” said Jason Howe, CEO of Vaporstream. “In recent years, executives have had to take careful precautions to protect their electronic messages – now Vaporstream accomplishes that job for you.”

Through its unique messaging platform and separation of message headers (the “to” and “from” information) and bodies, Vaporstream prevents forwarding, printing, saving, copying, replying-to-all or meaningful screen capture. A Visper may be read once only before it, and all trace of its existence, vanish. The only action a recipient may take in response to a Visper is to reply directly to the sender, and a response does not generate the string of messages created by many email platforms.

“Some communications require a business record, but most do not. Whether information of only temporary importance or trade secrets, Vaporstream ensures your messages never linger unnecessarily,” added Howe. “SRMS also allows an easy way to secure corporate communications in a ‘bring your own device workplace.”

Vaporstream’s patented SRMS never creates Electronically Stored Information (ESI) or leaves a digital footprint on your device or in our infrastructure. For more information, visit www.vaporstream.com or call 1-800-367-0780.

About Vaporstream

Based in Chicago, Vaporstream is a Secure Recordless Messaging Service (SRMS) provider that offers the only completely secure and confidential digital messaging channels for executive and high-level communication. Our patented SRMS protects messages by securely transmitting them through cyberspace, while never creating Electronically Stored Information (ESI) or leaving a digital footprint. Vaporstream communications, or “Vispers,” can never be copied, forwarded, printed, saved or traced, restoring privacy and control to the sender of the communication. By providing authorized personnel the proper policy and the appropriate tools to communicate securely, Vaporstream helps protect businesses and investors from an $80 billion a year problem arising from security breaches, unintended propagation and unnecessary eDiscovery. Vaporstream currently has more than 150 corporate clients and is used by almost every industry in which highly-sensitive information is communicated, including: banking and finance, federal and state government, healthcare, human resources, insurance, legal, high-technology and national defense. For more information, visit www.vaporstream.com

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