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EquaMetrics Eliminates Coding from Algorithmic Trading with Launch of RIZM(TM)

June 18, 2013

Secure, Cloud-based Platform with Intuitive AlgoBuilder Reduces Complexity and Cost of Algo Trading for Individual Traders

NEW YORK, June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — EquaMetrics Inc., a financial technology firm that is making algorithmic trading accessible to all traders, today launched its flagship product, RIZM(TM), a powerful visual programming tool that enables traders to build, test and deploy complex algo trading strategies without any knowledge of programming, coding or high-level mathematics. Offered on a monthly subscription basis, RIZM delivers comprehensive portfolio management and research features. Initially, RIZM will support equities, futures and FX trading, with live trading connections to Interactive Brokers and FXCM Inc. (NYSE: FXCM). In the near future, EquaMetrics will add options and fixed income trading, along with live connections to all mainstream retail and institutional brokers.

EquaMetrics has spent the past two years developing RIZM in stealth, with a strong focus on delivering an intuitive design, easy-to-use interface and user-friendly functionality that is uncommon with traditional financial software products. The company has raised $3.25 million from private angel investors to date.

“We are putting powerful institutional tools into mainstream traders’ hands with the launch of RIZM,” said Amr Mohamed, EquaMetrics’ CIO. “Algorithmic trading has long been the domain of only large companies that have the resources for software engineers to build and execute on every trading strategy. We created RIZM to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that will provide anyone – active professional as well as non-professional traders – access to a cloud-based platform for building, back testing, simulating and executing algorithmic trading strategies. I have no doubt that within two years’ time, every trader will be running automated trading strategies.”

Today, algorithmic trading, which enables traders to process millions of data points that have a bearing on their portfolios, represents 60 percent of the equity volume in the United States. Just as options trading evolved into the retail market a decade ago, algo trading is gaining popularity because it enables traders to test and analyze investment strategies more effectively than the human brain and removes emotion from trading decisions. However, the high cost of employing specialized software engineers limits this trading practice to large institutions with significant resources.

RIZM AlgoBuilder Enables Easy Creation of Algorithms
RIZM’s patent-pending AlgoBuilder eliminates the need to interface with software engineers. Instead, users have the ability to simply drag-and-drop widgets to set key actions, indicators, and methods – so they can easily create the conditions and parameters of their algorithms. RIZM currently offers a comprehensive suite of technical indicators and basic fundamentals, which can be set to an interval of anywhere from one minute to one day. RIZM’s cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere and does not require downloading or specialized software. Co-located servers allow the RIZM platform to process up to 3,000 orders per second with sub-second latency, although most of their features are limited to using one-minute bar intervals.

With RIZM, users have the option to back-test then paper trade using their strategies, or they can execute the strategies live through their clearing broker via an application programming interface (API) or financial information exchange (FIX) connection. Currently RIZM offers APIs with Interactive Brokers and FXCM. EquaMetrics plans to add several other brokerages in the future.

EquaMetrics offers two monthly subscription plans for RIZM:

  • For $99 a month, users can perform 100 back tests, execute with 5 symbols per algo, and run two live strategies simultaneously; or
  • Unlimited usage, available for $249 a month.

About EquaMetrics
EquaMetrics is a New York-based financial technology firm that has developed an innovative cloud-based platform enabling traders across all asset classes to leverage algorithmic trading. Founded in 2011, EquaMetrics has raised more than $3 million from private angel investors and has built a team of industry leaders, entrepreneurs and financial technicians. For more information, visit www.equametrics.com.

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