Language Audiobooks Founder Explains Why Learning to Speak Spanish Will Increase Anyone’s Job Prospects

June 18, 2013

Language Audiobooks Founder Offers Advice to Job Seekers

Champaign, IL (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

Language Audiobooks President and Founder Mark Frobose offered up a series of practical and down-to-earth reasons why learning to speak Spanish is one of the best investments anyone looking for a job today can make.

“People who speak Spanish and English fluently are an instant fit in an increasingly competitive and bilingual United States,” he explained.

Frobose, author of the bestselling Power Spanish Accelerated audio program, has been teaching and creating instructional language programs for years. He has his hand on the pulse of the impact that language instruction has had on his many students over time, and he offers the following reasons why learning to speak Spanish is a sound investment for anyone who works or plans to work in the United States:

1. If there is a choice between two candidates of equal qualifications and one speaks fluent Spanish and the other does not, then the one who speaks Spanish almost always gets the job.

Reason: Employers correctly assume that the more language skills the employee brings to the table, the better it is for them. This is especially true for Spanish.

2. When given a choice between a candidate who knows Spanish as opposed to Russian, Mandarin Chinese, or German, the candidate with Spanish speaking ability will usually be the most popular choice to fill the position.

Reason: While many companies often need personnel with diverse language skills, the defacto default language of preference for employers is Spanish simply because of the numbers of Spanish speaking clients and businesses. “It’s a statistical numbers game where Spanish trumps the competition by the sheer size and weight of 450 million Spanish speakers, many of whom reside in or near the United States,” reports Frobose.

3. An English speaking applicant who is also at least conversational in Spanish will probably be chosen over the monolingual “English only” applicant, even if the company does not currently need a Spanish speaker on board.

Reason: It’s commonly viewed as an insurance policy by employers to have someone on board who knows Spanish “just in case” he or she is needed. “The employer’s attitude is you never know when this person’s language ability will come in handy,” says Frobose.

LanguageAudiobooks.com is currently offering no-cost Spanish audio lessons on their website as well as instant downloads and CD programs. Programs are also available in French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Russian.

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