A New Must-Have Financial Security Tool from Kanguru Solutions to Protect Online Banking, Will & Estate Planning

June 19, 2013

The Kanguru Defender DualTrust is a Secure Virtual Workspace that launches a protected web environment for all online activities, defending against identity theft, spyware, malware and viruses. It also provides a convenient, safe location to organize, store and safeguard all of your financial and personal information.

Millis, MA (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

Concerned about identity theft? Recent topics in the news provide some concrete reasons to be apprehensive. With zettabytes of data streaming through the veins of the internet, personal finances, investments, email, shopping habits, and private account information is out there, vulnerable to identity thieves. What if there was a way to shelter online activities, protect from spyware, and organize electronic finances into one convenient, secure location? The newly-released, one-of-a-kind Defender DualTrust from Kanguru Solutions gives peace of mind to know precisely where personal data is, and protect it. With the Defender DualTrust, Kanguru continues to build on its new line of Secure Virtual Workspace solutions to counter against dangers like identity theft.

Protected Access to All Personal Online Accounts

The Defender DualTrust is a Secure Virtual Workspace, launching a protected web environment to conduct all online personal finances securely from an encrypted USB drive. This device enables an individual to check their investments, send email, shop, bank, and manage all online business confidently within the secure container. Simple to use, the Defender DualTrust works by bypassing the OS of the computer, defending against any spyware, malware, or viruses that could be lurking within the host PC and providing fully-secured, protected online access to the internet. See how it works in more detail by viewing this short Kanguru Defender DualTrust Video.

Financials Stored On One Secure Device

For individuals who would like to store and lock-down all account passwords, financial records, online purchase receipts, investments and bank accounts into one convenient, secure place, the Defender DualTrust is like a safe deposit box for all personal and financial information. Keep a copy of all personal finances, and safeguard records. Use the Defender DualTrust to go online and make updates to personal and financial accounts securely, then save, download, and update information to the encrypted drive and take it along. The Defender DualTrust locks all private information within its password-protected, AES 256-bit hardware encrypted drive, providing a secure environment on the go, and can be used on any PC in confidence because it launches a secure browsing workspace every time.

For complete management capabilities, Kanguru has an optional remote management interface, KRMC, through Kanguru´s Cloud management application. The Kanguru Defender DualTrust can be managed remotely in the event it is ever lost or stolen, allowing an individual to delete the device and safeguard personal information above and beyond the hardware based encryption.

Great for Wills and Estate Planning

The Defender DualTrust is a great way to secure private information of assets for the personal, financial future, as well as provide for loved ones. Safely store and maintain passwords, account ID’s, financial information, investments, wills, retirement and estate planning, and more. To make it easier for beneficiaries, legal guardians, loved ones and caregivers, an individual could provide the password to access the device in a survivorship. It’s the safe deposit box for a financially-minded person’s’ digital life.

“The days of the “paper trail”, where people store cabinets full of account statements, are coming to an end. A vast majority of statements have moved online and into the digital world — sometimes making it quite difficult for family members to have a good understanding of what assets are where, and how to access them,” says Nate Cote, Executive VP of Kanguru Solutions. “The Defender DualTrust is an excellent way to organize your personal life assets for yourself in one convenient location, as well as plan ahead to provide secured access to accounts for a beloved family member or legal guardian.”

View the Defender DualTrust Video

Other Great Security Solutions by Kanguru

Kanguru provides robust, secure technologies for organizations and business owners as well, that could prevent the types of data breaches propelled in the news lately. The Kanguru Defender series provides full IP address restrictions for secure flash drives, as well as built-in Device Control with Kanguru´s secure remote management systems. Kanguru remote management enables business owners to wipe and delete lost or stolen flash drives remotely from anywhere, giving them complete control over the sensitive information coming in or out of an organization. Learn more about Kanguru´s secure remote management options.

Kanguru Solutions is a global leader in providing secure portable storage and remote access solutions – providing enterprises, organizations and consumers with the best in easy-to-use, secure IT products, data storage and duplication. For more information on Kanguru, please visit http://www.kanguru.com.

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