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Significant New Geospatial Capabilities Released in Rolta Geospatial Fusion OnPoint(TM)

June 20, 2013

ALPHARETTA, Ga., June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Rolta, a market leader in providing innovative Geospatial (GIS) products, solutions and services, today announced its latest global release of Rolta Geospatial Fusion OnPoint(TM) 8.0 and OnField(TM) 2.0.

Rolta Geospatial Fusion(TM) is a comprehensive platform and suite of solutions that helps organizations integrate geospatial and non-spatial data and exploit spatially enabled intelligence. Rolta OnPoint(TM), the core engine of Rolta Geospatial Fusion, allows users to publish GIS data quickly and securely over the web and connect to any dataset throughout the organization, turning web-GIS into a true enterprise solution. It can also connect to industry-standard databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase, and any OBDC-compliant data source via configurable web services.

Rolta OnPoint(TM) v8.0 is a value-packed release offering significant new features that put a lot more power and flexibility in users’ hands. This release dramatically improves the support of business processes across a diverse range of functions and enables enhanced productivity. It also brings connected and disconnected enterprise mobility capabilities with Rolta OnPoint Mobile and Rolta OnField(TM) solutions. Rolta OnField(TM)2.0 simplifies field data collection and provides both, real-time and post-processing workflows with enterprise level security and configurability. It brings in strong editing tools with mapping and data collection capabilities for remote users in a disconnected mode. It is highly scalable and configurable and caters to a diverse set of requirements across verticals such as utilities, transportation, government, process industries etc.

New features of Rolta OnPoint(TM) include:

  • Deeper mobility support with connected and disconnected mode
  • Real time data and workflow integration
  • Enhanced Personalization to add custom layers, save search criteria and create map bookmarks
  • Powerful Query Builder, simple keyword search and contextual non-spatial and spatial data search
  • Greater cartographic control to filter spatial data using SQL and drive map results from database searches
  • Enhanced Thematic Mapping, Linear Referencing and Statistical tool
  • Enterprise Integration with enhanced embeddable maps
  • Powerful web-print to easily create prints with cartographic quality

OnPoint(TM) supports Esri technologies and ArcGIS Online, making use of their maps feature and geocoding functionality. Additionally, one can publish ArcGIS Online layers and base maps to OnPoint connected mobile users.

“Rolta OnPoint 8.0(TM) is a significant release of Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion suite of solutions,” said Rajesh Ramachandran, President and CTO, Global Product and Technology Solutions of Rolta. “Empowering users with more flexibility is key to achieving business excellence. Solutions in the Geospatial Fusion suite, such as GeoBI(TM) and GeoAssets(TM) have helped several organizations with significant business value and faster ROI,” he added.

About Rolta: Rolta is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Federal and State Governments, Defense/HLS, Utilities, Process, Power, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare. By uniquely combining its expertise in the IT, Engineering and Geospatial domains, Rolta develops exceptional solutions for these segments. The Company leverages its industry-specific know-how, rich repository of intellectual property that spans photogrammetry, image processing, geospatial applications, business intelligence, analytics, field-proven solution frameworks, and deep expertise in cutting-edge technologies like Geo BI, Cloud computing, Software Defined Infrastructure and Big Data for providing sophisticated enterprise-level integrated solutions. Rolta is a multinational organization headquartered in India. The Company operates from 40 locations worldwide through its subsidiaries, and has executed projects in over 45 countries. The Company benchmarks its quality processes to the world’s best standards, like successful assessment for Software Application Development and Maintenance at the highest Level 5 of SEI’s CMMI® version 1.3. Rolta is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange & National Stock Exchange, and forms part of various indices on BSE/NSE in India. The Company’s GDRs are listed on the Main Board of London Stock Exchange. The Company’s ‘Senior Notes’ are listed on Singapore Stock Exchange.

For additional information visit www.rolta.com, or contact:

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