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World First to Enhance Digital Security: Clavid Launches Authentication as a Service to Make Security Simpler

June 20, 2013

ST. GALLEN, Switzerland, June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

We disclose much that is private and confidential on the Internet. That’s why
“Internet” and “security” go hand in hand. Recurring attacks by hackers against online
shops, cloud services or social networks make it even more essential for us to provide
better protection for our own data. However, many Internet services have serious
weaknesses in this regard. These gaps are easy targets for hackers. But they don’t have to
be! Clavid is launching the solution to this problem by offering Authentication as a

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Closing security gaps on the Internet

Various good authentication processes are available that can guarantee a high level of
security and keep hackers at bay. But what use are these excellent tools if operators of
online shops, cloud services or web portals fail to use them? Many Internet services
simply carry on operating their unsafe login procedures – mostly consisting of a user name
and password – without any clear idea of the consequences of potential abusive access. Why
do they run this unacceptable risk?

The authentication services that are available saddle Internet service providers with
high implementation expenses for installation and licences, as well as considerable extra
logistics costs depending on whether tokens (such as USB sticks) are also sent. At the
same time, users are expected to go through a separate login procedure for each service.
In the worst case, they have to carry several hardware tokens around with them. Why not
choose a simpler option? Clavid has developed a solution that eliminates the weaknesses of
existing systems and makes security comfortable.

One key, access from anywhere, low costs

Clavid’s innovative interface technology combines all the authentication procedures
currently available on the market into one service. What we offer is unique in the world:
Authentication as a Service (AaaS). Internet service providers use this simple solution
from Clavid as an authentication procedure that delivers enhanced comfort and security for
themselves and their customers. At the same time, they cut their costs substantially – and
their customers will also be delighted: Clavid gives them simple and secure access to all
the Internet services they use. Users log into Clavid with the login method that they
select personally, and then they are simply and unambiguously identified and accredited as
authorised persons. No other provider anywhere in the world can currently offer such
strong, simple and secure authentication.

Life made simpler and safer for private Internet users

At present, it is often the case that Internet service users can only log in with an
insecure combination of a user name and a password. Most Internet services do not offer
strong authentication, and private users have to keep records of numerous user names and
passwords. This is impractical and complicated, and it is not secure. The same applies to
service providers, because password renewals account for over 30% of IT costs. Clavid
enables users to combine the authentication methods that are already in place so they can
use one single login to access all Internet services – and then they can continue to surf

Lower risks and costs for business customers

Clavid’s Single Sign-On (as it is known) gives companies a convenient way of
regulating their employees’ access and user rights. Managers no longer have to bother with
individual access methods for different systems and platforms. Clavid implements the
company’s wishes and requirements without expenses for every single integration of a large
number of services.

Cutting costs for Internet service providers

Internet companies no longer have to opt for one authentication procedure. This
significantly cuts implementation costs, support expenditure and outage risks. Now they
only pay one predictable installation fee while Clavid takes care of everything else.

Reduced outlay for authentication procedure producers

Producers of authentication procedures currently incur huge costs in order to market
their services to the operators of countless Internet services. Separate contracts have to
be negotiated with each of them, at enormous expense. This is why the producers are eager
to have a joint market presence with Clavid so that they can launch their new methods
across the globe in one fell swoop.

“Swiss Privacy” makes the Internet world more secure

Clavid’s innovative offering delivers benefits to private and commercial Internet
users, Internet service providers and producers of authentication procedures. It makes
digital identification more secure and easier to implement, and it saves time and money.
Thanks to Clavid, “Swiss Privacy” – one of Switzerland’s core competences – is now also
available for the Internet.

Let’s use Clavid the key for your safety in our digital world

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