American College of Forensic Examiners Institute Announces Support of iPredator Inc.’s Online Sexual Predator and Cybercrime Prevention Initiatives

June 25, 2013

The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI) is formally announcing their support of iPredator Inc.’s online sexual predator and cybercrime prevention initiatives. As the world’s largest professional forensic sciences organization, founder Dr. Robert O’Block and ACFEI are committed to helping make the internet a safer environment for children and all online users.

Hudson Valley, New York (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI) and founder Dr. Robert O’Block are announcing their support for iPredator Inc.’s online sexual predator and cybercrime prevention initiatives. Most distressing to Dr. O’Block and his colleagues is that online sexual predation, cyberstalking, cyberbullying and pathological cyber deception are all Information Age social issues causing harm to millions of children and adult online users worldwide.

Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C., a New York State licensed psychologist, certified forensic consultant and ACFEI member is the author of the Information Age forensics construct, iPredator. Of the typologies the iPredator construct includes, online sexual predation is the one most disconcerting to ACFEI, Dr. O’Block and his associates. Although Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is young in age, online sexual predators have turned to cyberspace for locating and targeting pediatric victims.

As stated by Dr. O’Block, “It is easy to recognize the many benefits information technology provides, but the victimization and pain caused to children continues with no known end in sight. It is for this reason we support Dr. Nuccitelli, iPredator, and his steps to educate the community on the dangers children face in cyberspace.”

iPredator Inc.’s website is filled with internet safety and cyber attack prevention information, at no cost, and always available to read or download for site visitors. Interested parties who visit their website are directed to scroll to the base of any webpage and click on the green pdf/print button. In addition to ease of access, no personal information, solicitations or visitor email addresses are required to download. For those not familiar to the iPredator construct, Dr. Nuccitelli’s 2013 formal definition is as follows:

iPredator: A person, group or nation who, directly or indirectly, engages in exploitation, victimization, coercion, stalking, theft or disparagement of others using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). iPredators are driven by deviant fantasies, desires for power and control, retribution, religious fanaticism, political reprisal, psychiatric illness, perceptual distortions, peer acceptance or personal and financial gain. iPredators can be any age or gender and are not bound by economic status, race, religion or national heritage.

iPredator is a global term used to distinguish anyone who engages in criminal, coercive, deviant or abusive behaviors using ICT. Central to the construct is the premise that Information Age criminals, deviants and the violently disturbed are psychopathological classifications new to humanity. Whether the offender is a cyberbully, cyberstalker, cyber harasser, cyber criminal, online sexual predator, cyber terrorist or engaged in internet defamation or nefarious cyber deception, they fall within the scope of iPredator. The three criteria used to define an iPredator include:

I. A self-awareness of causing harm to others, directly or indirectly, using ICT. II. The usage of ICT to obtain, tamper with, exchange and deliver harmful information. III. A general understanding of Cyberstealth used to engage in criminal or deviant activities or to profile, identify, locate, stalk and engage a target.

Unlike human predators prior to the Information Age, iPredators rely on the multitude of benefits offered by Information and Communications Technology (ICT). These assistances include exchange of information over long distances, rapidity of information exchanged and the seemingly infinite access to data available.

iPredator Inc. is honored to have ACFEI and Dr. Robert O’Block support their mission to bring to light the widespread growth of online sexual predation and all forms of online victimization. ICT and the Information Age have created a new dimension leading to an entirely new population of humanity engaged in malevolent, harmful and deceptive practices. ICT and cyberspace are not tools used by the sociopath, deviant, narcissist or classic criminal, but part of a new generation that will be permanent fixtures to humanity for centuries to follow.

About iPredator Inc.

iPredator Inc. is a New York State based Information Age Forensics Company founded to provide educational and advisory products & services to consumers and organizations on cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online sexual predation and the new field the founder is pioneering termed, Information Age Forensics. Created by a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C., their goal is to reduce victimization, theft, harm and disparagement from online assailants.


  •     Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C.
  •     NYS Licensed Psychologist
  •     C.E.O. iPredator Inc.
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  •     Website: http://www.iPredator.co

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