Mindmachines.com Announces New PSI-Fi Audio Processor Designed to Restore Live Element to Sound Recordings

June 27, 2013

Mindmachines.com is announcing the release of PSI-Fi, a revolutionary audio processor that restores live sound to audio recordings.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2013

Mindmachines.com announces the release of PSI-Fi, a revolutionary audio processor that restores live sound to audio recordings. PSI-Fi is the brainchild of Don Estes, noted expert on brainwave entrainment and tactile stimulation. PSI-Fi is a desktop application for Mac and PC that is used to enhance the listening experience by restoring missing information in audio recordings. PSI-Fi™ is designed to be used with both the recording and playback sides of live performance, analog and digital recordings as well as for all encoded and compressed digital files. It is currently available as a stand-alone, downloadable, application for Apple and Windows platforms.

"PSI-Fi™ takes a new approach by addressing this issue at the most basic fundamental level of the sound where the only elements are the intention of the originator and the inherent resonant body of the instrument. In live sound, the integration of these two elements is natural, uninhibited, and free interact with the environment and be reassembled by listeners in their own desired manner. Unfortunately, the standard recording process locks these two elements together and an entire dimension of the live performance is lost. PSI-Fi™ is a key that unlocks, unleashes and frees this hidden dimension allowing the listener to assemble the sound or music in a manner of their own choosing. Suddenly, the sound becomes more alive, dynamic and clear, imparting the specific psychoacoustic effects intended by the creator.”, says Don Estes, inventor of Psi-Fi technology.

“I am very familiar with pro audio processors. What Psi-Fi does is something new. It is not an EQ, a stereo enhancer or psychoacoustic processor. It is subtle yet powerful. It makes everything sound more alive. I tested Psi-Fi on all types of recordings ranging from 1930’s Bing Crosby to the latest releases from Depeche Mode and in every case Psi enhanced the listening experience. While it is hard to put into words I can say that it makes the sound seem like it is coming from everywhere and not just the speakers. It fills the room. It is pretty amazing and I know that when sound engineers get ahold of this it is going to change recorded music.”, says Christopher Oliver, producer and studio engineer.

PSI-Fi is a product of Psi Fidelity Sound Inc and will be available soon from mindmachines.com. For more information about mind machine technology visit mindmachines.com.

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