Urban Remedy Launches Probiotic-Based Spikes Targeted for Distinct Health Benefits

June 27, 2013

Concentrated Superfood Spikes Aid with Diet, Detox, Aging, Immune and Digestive Needs

(PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Urban Remedy, the popular brand of 100% organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free juice cleanses, meal replacement drinks, and snacks, today announced the launch of their probiotic-based ‘Spikes’ line. Each Spikes “shot” is one half an ounce, containing concentrated superfoods that pinpoint various ailments throughout the body and help to improve overall health.

Spikes contain the highest quality herbs, which have been pre-digested in a base of probiotics, creating very small particles and making their phytonutrients extremely easy for the body to absorb.

“Being able to assimilate your vitamins and minerals as you digest is key to their benefit,” says Urban Remedy’s Found and CEO, Neka Pasquale. “If your body is unable to absorb nutrients, they will be flushed out.”

As a nutritional supplement, Spikes can be taken directly from the bottle or added to any juice or water. Spikes are available for six specific health concerns:

-DETOX provides powerful antioxidant protection, liver detoxification and DNA repair with the ingredients turmeric, milk thistle and guggal.

-DIET supports healthy thyroid function, blood sugar levels and digestion with green tea polyphenols.

-YOUTH contains the anti-aging and DNA rejuvenation benefits of concentrated resveratrol (the heart-healthy component of red wine).

-IMMUNO supports a healthy inflammatory balance, blood purification and the immune system with the ingredients Devil’s claw, Cat’s claw, turmeric, green tea and chlorella.

-DE-STRESS provides a feeling of wellbeing and mental clarity, supporting the nervous system with the Vegan Vitamin B family.

-DIGEST calms and heals the digestive tract with Organic Aloe, and also helps with many digestive disorders such as IBS and acid reflux.

Neka Pasquale, started using the Spikes in her private Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture practice, and saw incredible results.

“I’m thrilled to launch Spikes as I feel their highly effective and beneficial ingredients are unlike anything on the market right now,” says Pasquale. “Serving them up in a shot is also an incredibly easy way to consume the Spikes’ good-for-you nutrients.”

Pasquale adds that as dietary supplements, Spikes are unique in that they were developed to target the health concerns most commonly voiced by her patients, and she chose the Spikes’ ingredients accordingly.

“Our Diet Spikes contain green tea with polyphenols equivalent to twenty regular cups of tea, but with less caffeine that one cup,” she says. “These are concentrated combinations that pack a substantial nutritional benefit in a small serving, perfect for on-the-go.”

Urban Remedy’s Spikes line, along with their other offerings, use only 100% organic ingredients, sourced from local farms and shipped nationwide overnight to ensure maximum freshness.

For more on Urban Remedy, please visit http://www.UrbanRemedy.com or contact UrbanRemedy(at)moxiegrouppr(dot)com.

About Urban Remedy:

Urban Remedy is a juice cleansing, meal replacement, and healthy snack delivery service that offers juice cleanse plans, single-serve juices, meal replacement drinks, snacks and nutritional Spikes. As delicious as it is effective, whether you’re a first timer or a health fanatic, Urban Remedy’s products are packed vitamins and nutrients that jumpstart the body and support dietetic preferences to help anyone reach their health goals, restore balance and kick-start a commitment to better living. Urban Remedy is backed by LA technology studio Science Inc..

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