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Australian Daters Lacking Originality

June 28, 2013

SYDNEY, June 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

eHarmony study reveals country’s top dating habits

        - 3 in 4 Australians claim to go on boring dates
        - Conversation and chemistry most important on first date
        - 'Quick' coffee meet-up most popular date for women
        - Nobody believes a female should pay for a date

Australia has revealed itself to be a land of boring daters, with a majority (77%)
confessing to having watched the clock while out with a potential match, according to an
independent study commissioned by leading online relationship site eHarmony
[http://www.eharmony.com.au ].

The research also showed that Aussies generally favour ‘safe’ options like coffee or
dinner and a movie as their top picks for a first date, despite 3 in 5 saying their dates
would be more successful if they involved activities that both people enjoyed and could
share a conversation around.

“What’s interesting about this research is it shows that Australians don’t follow
their own advice. Despite a majority of people admitting their dates would be more
successful if they were planned around shared interests or hobbies, only a quarter say
they always do this. A shared interest or experience is important to generate
conversation, which helps determine compatibility,” says relationship expert Elly Taylor.

Seasonality impacts our dating habits, with 1 in 4 respondents saying their dating
frequency won’t rise until the mercury does and more than half of Australians (60.9%) say
that planning exciting or interest-based dates can be more challenging during the colder
months. Southern daters were the exception, with almost 1 in 10 (8.54%) Victorians saying
they go on more dates during winter months.

According to the survey, the biggest barriers to dating creativity are time and money.
Half of all Australians (50.4%) say finding dates that fit within their budget is the
obstacle to planning interesting outings, while a quarter (24.8%) say it’s finding time to
plan. Budget constraints are most commonly felt amongst those aged 55-64 (58.6%), followed
by 18-24 year olds (55.4%).

As for who should pay for a date, Australians are in a three-way tie: the asker, the
man, or it should be split. Almost nobody, regardless of sex, age or location, believes a
female should pay for a date.

However, Taylor says splashing out isn’t necessarily the key to a successful date.
“Two in five (37.6%) people define a ‘boring’ date as one that lacks conversation. You
don’t need to spend big to plan an activity based on your common interests, like a bike
ride or bushwalk if you enjoy the outdoors or a visit to the farmers’ market for foodies,”
she says.

The research showed that 1 in 4 (26.7%) Australians claims that they can usually tell
if things are going to get serious after one date, and that a person’s ability to tell if
things will get serious after just one date increases after the age of 35.

“People joke that the first few dates are like an interview, with topics like careers,
education, and even finances coming into play. While people shouldn’t shy away from
discussing these matters, direct questions can create unnecessary anxiety both for the
person asking and answering them,” says Taylor.

“Invitations to open up are best, as it provides someone the opportunity to respond
with whatever aspect of their life they’re most comfortable disclosing and leads to a more
natural conversation.”

Elly Taylor’s top three questions to ask on a date are:

        - Tell me about yourself
        - Tell me more about your family/ friends/ work/ hobbies
        - I'd like to know more about...

Note to editors: Elly Taylor is available to discuss this research, and provide her
relationship and dating advice.

About eHarmony

eHarmony was created to give people a better chance at finding a successful long-term
relationship. The service was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist
and marriage counsellor with more than three decades experience. A pioneer in using
relationship science to match singles based on compatibility matching, eHarmony has been
available in Australia for just over 5 years. In that time it has been responsible for
over 11,000 marriages and invested nearly 40% of its resources into technology, product
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About this research

Survey conducted by Pure Profile between 24 and 29 April 2013 with 1,009 Australians
aged 18 and over via online survey.

About Elly Taylor

Elly Taylor is a relationship counsellor, writer and speaker. Her passion is raising
people’s awareness of themselves and others to create healthy relationships, right from
the beginning. Her first book Becoming Us, Loving, Learning and Growing Together, the
Essential Relationship Guide for Parents was published by Harper Collins in 2011. Since
then, Elly has been a regular commentator on relationship issues. She lives in Sydney with
her fire-fighter husband, their three children and a
getting-smaller-as-the-kids-get-bigger menagerie of pets.

SOURCE eHarmony Australia (eharmony.com.au)

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