Somnoware Healthcare Systems Partners with Itamar Medical to Offer Optimized Sleep Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

July 3, 2013

Itamar Medical Ltd. and Somnoware Healthcare Systems, Inc. (Somnoware) announced a strategic alliance based on a shared vision for the sleep industry.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Reflecting an ongoing commitment to optimizing workflow and enabling better coordination of care for sleep apnea patients, Itamar Medical Ltd. and Somnoware Healthcare Systems, Inc. (Somnoware) announced a strategic alliance based on a shared vision for the sleep industry. According to leadership from both companies, aligning at the technology, marketing and business levels will drive new growth opportunities and increase their collective potential to transform delivery of care, reduce cost, and improve productivity for all stakeholders involved in the management of sleep apnea.

According to spokespersons from both companies, integrating Itamar’s home sleep testing device, WatchPAT™, with Somnoware’s proprietary cloud-based platform will accelerate the adoption of an Integrated Care Delivery Platform — an industry concept that uses workflow automation software and a care coordination platform to break down today’s device- and provider-centric silos of data-gathering and communication.

“We have formed this partnership because the current healthcare system, particularly the sleep industry, is at an inflection point,” said Subath Kamalasan, CEO of Somnoware. “Lack of care coordination and interoperability have been major contributors to the uncontrolled costs of care delivery. Itamar’s WatchPAT™ is among the most advanced devices for home sleep testing. Through this alliance, we are combining best-of-breed software and hardware, enabling customers to realize tremendous economic and business benefits.”

Marvin Slosman, president of Itamar-Medical Inc, reinforced Kamalasan's concerns about healthcare cost control and improved care, explaining that the economic cost of unmanaged sleep apnea for the US healthcare System is enormous.

"Only about 20% of sleep apnea patients have been diagnosed," added Slosman. "Our priority is to provide access to easy-to-use testing devices that can assist undiagnosed patients. By enabling interoperability between WatchPAT™ and Somnoware, we are creating solutions that will enable our customers to reduce cost and transition to an outcomes-based model of care."

In concert with the partnership, Somnoware also announced a limited-time offer for WatchPAT™ customers. To take advantage of the offer, customers must contact info(at)somnoware(dot)com before July 31, 2013.

About Somnoware Healthcare Systems

Launched in 2011, Somnoware is a breakthrough software platform that effectively manages the needs of every sleep disorder stakeholder. It integrates with multiple diagnostic devices and compliance management systems to create an ecosystem of connected health devices for sleep. Referring and interpreting physicians, as well as labs and homecare providers alike enjoy an unprecedented level of informational access, easily sharing complete patient records. At a time when unmanaged sleep apnea is costing tens of billions of dollars, effective diagnosis, referral, and treatment is essential. Somnoware is providing the means to control these costs, simplify sleep, and revolutionize care.

About Itamar Medical

Itamar Medical Ltd. is a publicly-traded medical technology company utilizing PAT™ (Peripheral Arterial Tone) signal technology and applications. The PAT signal is a non-invasive "window" to both the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems.

WatchPAT™ is the most convenient, portable sleep testing device on the market easily installed by the patient in the comfort of their own home with over 500,000 tests worldwide. It provides the sleep disorder information based on actual sleep time without electrodes attached to the head, and without a cumbersome nasal cannula or belt around the chest or abdomen offering patients greater comfort, more natural sleep, as well as an amazingly low failure rate which minimizes the "first night effect." Physicians use Itamar’s intuitive software to review the data channels and manually override the automatic suggested scoring while the actual sleep data remains tamper-proof.

Itamar-Medical is the developer of EndoPAT™, the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared device intended for use in diagnosing endothelial dysfunction – an important state in the development and progress of atherosclerosis affecting both early and late stage of the disease.

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