Marketing Through Technology Requires Strategic Integration, Says Business Leader Mark Vena

July 3, 2013

Although technology—and its role in marketing—have quickly shifted the paradigm in which businesses develop, some established brands caution against using these resources blindly. Marketing professional Mark Vena discusses proper integration.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

As a marketing and business development professional, Mark Vena understands that trends are what drive advertising; however, he explains that there is one trend that can both help and hurt a company’s branding efforts—technology. He explains that while modern technology offers a great amount of exceptional resources to today’s business leader and marketing teams, it may not always be necessary. In fact, overuse or improper implementation of a technology-based marketing tactic could even alienate a brand from its core consumer audience. Noting this risk, Vena points to a recent article from Media360 that reveals how historic pharmacy chain, Boots UK, handles the emergence of new technology in marketing.

Following a similar sentiment of Mark Vena, Elizabeth Fagan, marketing director of Boots UK, tells Media360, “Don't just use a technology because it’s new; but because it’ll strategically move your business forward and give customers great experience.” According to Media360, Fagan denounces the use of technology just for technology’s sake, although she does note that it can be use strategically for business development.

For instance, while Fagan explains that she is open to the use of data—made accessible through analytics and other modern resources—for market research, Boots UK has not yet established a Twitter account. She explains that the latter is not necessary until a brand can truly contribute to a conversation on the platform. Fagan states, “While technology offered new channels for brands to communicate, at its core Boots’ marketing has changed little since the 1800s. She drew parallels between the principles upon which Boots was established in the 19th century by Jesse Boot, and the way it connects with its customers today.”

While Mark Vena believes that technology must be used strategically in terms of business development and marketing efforts, he does believe that brands should not shy away from these resources. Vena states, “Businesses must boldly and aggressively comprehend consumer behavior shifts in their go to market strategies to maximize their success in the market.” Vena adds that utilizing new technology does not have to be destructive to a brand that took decades to build.

Although many companies are aware of the modern resources that have become available to them through technology, some business leaders may wonder which platforms make the most sense. Mark Vena answers in his conclusion, “Mobile technology and always connected devices have become the preferred the usage model for the vast majority of today’s consumer and enterprise users today.”


Mark Vena is a professional who has, since starting his career, followed an upward trajectory every step of the way. A wonderful example of a leader and professional role model, Vena has taken the time to cultivate his own skills and help his teams to develop their professional capabilities. As a global marketing, product management, and technology executive, Vena has had to learn how to adapt to changing work environments while using key best practices to develop and implement strategic initiatives. Over the course of his career he has worked for some of the biggest names in the technology field, including Dell and Compaq. Today, he is continuing to build his expertise in the field while sharing his insight with up and coming professionals.

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