New Horizon Recovery Encourages Parents to Discuss Alcohol with Kids

July 4, 2013

New Horizon Recovery, in response to shocking reports regarding the early age at which kids first taste alcohol, urges parents to discuss alcohol with their children.

Encinitas, California (PRWEB) July 04, 2013

New Horizon Recovery, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, knows that parents play a major role in the development of their children. While parents do not usually directly cause substance abuse in their kids, they can contribute to their children's decisions regarding drugs and alcohol via their efforts to educate and support their kids. According to an article published by The Huffington Post June 19, 2013, today's youth are experiencing their first drink at shockingly young ages. As such, the professionals at New Horizon have released a statement urging parents to educate their children about the effects and dangers of alcohol at an earlier age.

The article reports: "Based on data collected from 452 children in one Pennsylvania county each year from ages 8-and-a-half through 18, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh discovered that by age 8, 37 percent had sipped alcohol. That number jumped to 66 percent by age 12. And by the time the group hit 18.5 years old, nearly all (96 percent) had sipped or tasted alcohol, a habit associated with behaviors such as binge drinking, marijuana use, delinquency, precocious sexual behavior, drinking and driving in adolescence, and substance use disorder later, previous studies have shown."

This trend is extremely worrisome to the team at New Horizon Recovery, which sees the devastating impact of substance abuse on a daily basis. As such, the individuals at this facility are urging parents to take on the responsibility of educating their children regarding the negative effects that alcohol can have on their lives at an earlier age—particularly if there is a history of alcoholism in their family.

A representative from New Horizon Recovery states: "We know that there are many factors that contribute to alcoholism, and simply educating kids regarding the dangers of abusing alcohol is not going to prevent all cases of future alcoholism from developing. But the truth is that this is a great start. In families in which alcoholism is prevalent, we know that kids are at a greater risk of developing this problem because it does have a genetic factor. As such, it is important that parents with such family histories are open and honest with their kids regarding not only the general dangers of alcohol abuse but the more specific threat that this behavior has for them due to their genetic inheritance."

The representative goes on to explain that parents can also play a more prominent role in decreasing the odds that their kids develop alcoholism by forging strong, open, and honest relationships with them so that they are more aware of what is going on in their children's lives. The professionals at New Horizon Recovery encourage anyone who believes they have an alcohol addiction problem to contact a treatment center immediately.


New Horizon Recovery, based in Encinitas, California, is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. The organization provides treatment programs that are centered on extended care, inpatient, and outpatient needs. Furthermore, they are dedicated to repairing the relationships that are damaged by addiction between patients and friends and family members. The individuals providing treatment at this organization are licensed and experienced, as well as knowledgeable in the best recovery methods.

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