Senior Safety Net Honored To Be Featured on “Moving America Forward” with William Shatner

July 5, 2013

On July 9, Senior Safety Net, which safeguards the irreplaceable nest eggs of people at or near retirement, will be featured on "Moving America Forward," created and hosted by William Shatner.

(PRWEB) July 05, 2013

Senior Safety Net, LLC, of Center Valley, PA, which specializes in offering clients financial security throughout retirement, is proud to have been selected by the producers of "Moving America Forward" (MAF) as the subject of the show's July 9 telecast/webcast. The approximate half-hour segment will run at 9:15 EST on YooToo TV (http://www.YouTOO.com), a new-media network carried nationwide by Time Warner, Comcast, Service Electric, Mediacom and other major cable services. In Senior Safety Net's home region of the Greater Philadelphia area, the show will be aired on Service Electric and Armstrong. (Consult your local listings or call your local cable provider for more details.)

Co-developed and hosted by William Shatner, best known as Star Trek's iconic Captain Kirk, MAF highlights entrepreneurial niche firms that offer cutting-edge products and services but may lack the resources to mount the public-awareness campaigns they deserve. The show's mission is, indeed, to “move America forward” by giving these entrepreneurs added visibility and credibility. The patriotically themed show unfolds in interview format, with Shatner's Q&A supplemented by background reporting from former CNN anchor Bella Shaw and The People's Court's Doug Llewelyn.

Senior Safety Net's sole mission is to protect the irreplaceable nest eggs of people at or near retirement from investment loss. The firm moves its clients into proven financial accounts that also offer inflation protection, no or low fees (depending on options selected by the client), and zero investment downside. At the same time, Senior Safety Net's menu of product offerings provides an opportunity for a significant upside that is linked to the performance of major market indices—though the products themselves are never at actual market risk.

“Our investment accounts increase in value when the market does well, but do not suffer when the market does poorly, as the market inevitably will some years,” says Senior Safety Net co-founder and CEO Robert P. Burns. “It's like a financial ratchet that lets you make money but will not allow you to slide backwards. This is guaranteed in writing by the companies we work with, who are some of the largest and most profitable financial firms in America.”

The vehicles used by Senior Safety Net have been validated in major studies, most notably a 2010 report issued under the banner of the Wharton School.

Burns and his partner, former Airborne Ranger and Johnson & Johnson executive Michael Schmoyer, are also tireless advocates for retirees, as witness Robert's recent opinion piece for the Morning Call, the major newspaper in the firm's Lehigh Valley, PA home region.

MAF features only one company per market sector, and undertakes a careful vetting process that includes several phone interviews and other background research. “We are proud that MAF's selection process revealed us as an obvious choice in the field of retirement finance, and we are delighted to be showcased,” says Burns. “We like to think we were recognized for being a true beacon of light in a field that lately has attracted too many opportunists who see Baby Boomers as a money-making windfall for them.”

Burns is an accomplished 14-year veteran of the financial-services industry whose early career included banking stints as a lending representative and in-house financial advisor. Although Robert next worked successfully for a first-tier investment firm, he grew increasingly uncomfortable with both the self-serving business model of the brokerage business and his clients' excessive exposure to loss (which, he says, “seniors will tell you is their worst nightmare”).

But about a decade ago, an “a-ha” moment led Robert to his true calling.

“What changed things for me was, well, Lillian and Harry,” he recalls. “They were retired clients of mine, and I'd grown very fond of them. Then one day in 2008 I had to tell them they'd lost a large percentage of their hard-earned money due to the market collapse. That made me think: You know, I love to help people with their finances but I can’t control the market no matter how experienced I am. Above all, it didn't seem fair to me that I was making money while clients like Lillian and Harry were losing theirs.”

So Burns began more intensively researching the techniques that he had first used in salvaging his parents' nest egg after the dot-com crash earlier in the decade. “I'd experimented on Mom and Dad,” he jokes, “but the experiment was a great success.”

Today, Robert's clients at Senior Safety Net enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they can’t lose one penny of their principal and they'll also have guaranteed incomes for life. “Like my parents, they now enjoy retirement and sleep soundly knowing that they'll always be financially secure,” he adds.

Amid his busy schedule, Burns found time to create and host the weekly Retirement Safety Net show, heard each Sunday morning on the Lehigh Valley’s No. 1 talk station, WAEB-790AM. The show features interviews with top-tier players in the financial realm and other guests of similar stature in their respective fields.

In the coming months, Burns also will be sharing his extensive knowledge of the retirement-security realm in a new book, due for a mid-summer release.

Burns explains that he wrote his book because of a glaring void in the information marketplace: “There are all these books about making money—but no good books about keeping what you already have. And let's face it, so many of these investing books have the agenda of keeping your in the stock market. And if you're in the market, you're still at risk.

“If you approach retirement security the proper way, you can make money—but first you have to take the necessary steps to protect yourself against market loss and unnecessary taxation.”

In his (limited) off-hours, Robert is a Mason and Shriner and a member of the Sons of the American Legion. He is also founder and Past President of the American Legion Riders, Post 184.

The firm as a whole is active in community support with Vets for Vets (a transitional home for homeless veterans), Relay for Life, and Mikayla’s Voice, which promotes the cultural inclusion of disabled children.

For more information, contact Michael Schmoyer at 610-797-1500, or by email at mschmoyer(at)seniorsafetynet(dot)net.

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