Belman Insurance Advisor Supports Bone Marrow Transplant Research in the Fight Against HIV

July 5, 2013

As reported in a BBC News article, ‘Bone marrow frees men of HIV drugs’ on 7/3/2013, patients are testing “HIV free” after bone marrow transplants. BelmanInsuranceAdvisor.com believes this knowledge could have a tremendous impact on the insurance industry and strongly urges support of more research in this area.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 04, 2013

Two men who have lived with HIV for 30+ years were recently taken off their anti-retroviral drugs after testing HIV-free post-bone marrow transplant, as BBC News reports. While this does not prove that a cure for HIV has been found, nor does it ensure that either of these gentlemen would be able to get life insurance policies with no medical exam required, Belman Insurance Advisor absolutely believes that this is a huge leap forward and urges the insurance industry to support this ongoing research.

HIV hides in the body. Belman Insurance Advisor understands that bone marrow is thought to be a reservoir for HIV, which is why this news is so important. After the transplants, there has been no detectable HIV found in the blood of either man in over two years for one, and four years in the other. Again, this cannot be thought of as a cure, however it is invaluable in learning where reservoirs of HIV can be stored in the body and how to destroy them. It is a very real pathway to perhaps finding a cure. Belman Insurance Advisor urges insurance professionals to continue to educate themselves on the changing face of HIV/AIDS research as it has a huge impact on the insurance industry, both in terms of dollars and client services. It is a sound financial decision for the industry.

According to the CDC, over the last 30 years over 30 million people have died of AIDS. The insurance industry, certainly in terms of health care and drug coverage as well as the life insurance, disability, and long term care, have all been affected by the disease. BelmanInsuranceAdvisor.com knows that insurance professionals over the past three decades have had to retool the industry in response to the impact of the epidemic as well as the 1996 HIPAA laws. The good news is that there may be a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel. This ongoing research is a boon to all of humanity, and the insurance industry must continue to partner with research agencies, drug companies, and those afflicted, to work toward the ultimate goal of a HIV-free world.

Belman Insurance Advisor praises the work being done in bone marrow transplant research in HIV infected patients and offers continued support in search of a cure.

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