UsenetReviewz Applauding Internet Related Good Deeds and Calling Out Evil Perpetrators With New “Annual Friends And Foes Of The Internet Awards”

July 8, 2013

Governments and Corporations of the globe are not interested in peoples' desire to remain private, according to UsenetReviewz editors, but there are some that have the desires and best interests of the public in mind. The UsenetReviewz “Friends And Foes Of The Internet Awards” hopes to inform readers as to who is working in their best interests, and who isn't.

South America (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

According to a recent announcement on their website, UsenetReviewz will now be recognizing both, the “Friends,” and the “Foes” of the internet in an annual awards presentation. The “UNR Annual Friends And Foes Of The Internet Awards” was announced along with an invitation from the editors to the reader to suggest additional categories, or nominate someone for an award. At the end of the announcement the editors also declared, “We hope that these awards will help you determine who's who when you are making critical decisions on who to support and who to rail against.”

According to the announcement the idea was conceived around the UsenetReviewz “water cooler” meetings, where news events and other technology related happenings are discussed, in a suggestion that once discussed, was very popular with the group. “The concept of asking the readers for nominations and additional categories isn't a new idea, but it is the first time that we have asked for our readers response in this capacity,” one editor said. And continued, “it will be interesting to see the different categories and nominations, it will give us more of a sense of where our audience is coming from.”

In each of the “Friends” and “Foes” lists there are three categories. In the Friends list there's: Political Friends In High Places, Internet Citizen Of The Year, and Corporate Internet Citizen Of The Year. The Foes categories consists of: Political Foes Of The Internet, Villain of the Internet, and Internet Foe Number One. In this year's installment of the awards, each category is described in some detail, and the listing names this year's winners of the awards, and while some of the award winners were predictable, others were not. The award mentions were short, but editors have promised that separate award articles with longer bios and more details of the award and reasoning, if they prove to be popular.

At the end of the awards announcement UsenetReviewz editors said, “It's only through honest and open discourse that rational regulation and legislation can satisfy all the parties concerned and keep the internet an open, free, and even private, way to trade ideas, entertainment, and communications.” One editor summed up the last few weeks disclosures up as “the NSA was exposed to be tracking, recording, and spying at a level that makes everyone else look like they are using crayons…and this is the kind of thing that open, honest, and most especially, transparent discourse, that rational regulation and legislation, can satisfy all the parties concerned.”

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