BEAT100 Tips: Five Ways to Utilise Facebook for Musicians

July 8, 2013

There are many music artists who don't know how to utilise social media services to the best of their ability to gain real fans and followers. Here are five incredible ways to help utilise Facebook for musicians.

(PRWEB) July 08, 2013

There are many musicians out there who create great music and deserve thousands of listeners. However, not all of these artists know how to utilise social media services to the best of their ability to gain real fans and followers. Every day, these musicians are slipping further and further away from the surface, whilst they continue working hard to create great, but unheard, music.

Below are five ways to utilise Facebook to best of its ability, without paying for anything!

1. Use other social networking tools

BEAT100.com is a prime example of a social network that can be used to increase likes on Facebook. BEAT100 includes an option to include a Facebook URL (as well as Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and more) on the profile. This way, when people view a music video or profile, they have the option to find Facebook pages at the click of a button, instead of trying to manually find different artists.

Tip: Take time to sign up and connect with other users on BEAT100. It's worth it!

2. ‘Select All Friends’

Although a simple one, it’s surprising how many artists forget to utilise this tool on Facebook. That’s probably because most artists think they have to sit there selecting each one of their friends individually, but that’s not the case. By installing the Google Chrome Add-on, ‘Select All Friends’, you can go to a Facebook page, click ‘Invite Friends’, and then use this handy tool to invite everyone with one push of button.

Tip: Remember to scroll to the bottom of the friends list on the pop up before clicking the button, otherwise it will only select the friends already on screen.

3. Post regularly

The amount of musicians who have pages on Facebook – but don’t regularly post because they don’t think they have enough likes – is ridiculous! If artists never post, that number of likes won’t increase either! People absolutely love photos and videos, even if they don’t have anything to do with music, so make sure to include fans and make them want to know more! If artists post exciting things, they are more likely to be shared.

Tip: To share a BEAT100 video or status’ directly from the site, there is a share button next to the status bar.

4. Get personal with fans

A great way to make fans stick around and become a genuine fan is to make them feel like they know the artist. A great way to do this is to thank people individually when gaining a new like. For example, a musician could say, ‘Hi Jenny, thank you so much for liking my page. I’m incredibly grateful to each and every of my fans and I hope you stick around to see some cool posts and hear new music!’. Something as simple as that could turn a like into a real fan.

5. Run competitions and giveaways

Many musicians think that to run a competition on Facebook, you need to be giving away something expensive. Well, that’s not the case. Musicians will be surprised at how excited fans get about a potentially winning a signed photo or CD. It could be worded a bit like this: ‘I’m so excited for you guys to hear my new track, so I have decided to run a competition for you to win a free signed copy of my new CD before the release date! All you have to do is like and share this photo, and I will announce the winner next Friday!’

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