Bright Future for GU10 LED Bulbs Predicted for 2013 and Beyond

July 9, 2013

The GU10LEDBulbs.co Store Announces Increased Demand for LED Bulbs and Other Energy Efficient Lighting Products

(PRWEB) July 09, 2013

A specialist online lighting retailer GU10LEDBulbs.co has announced that they expect sales of energy efficient LED bulbs to grow substantially across the entire marketplace, for the remaining months of 2013 and well into next year. The sales forecast is based on their own sales figures as well as those from other retailers in the same sector. Both online and offline suppliers of LED bulbs, especially the GU10 models, are reporting similar findings which are expected to continue for the short to midterm future at the very least.

Despite increased competition in the GU10 LED bulbs marketplace, which has come from both offline and online retailers, the growing demand from consumers has ensured that there is still room in the sector for multiple stores selling these items. While larger big box retailers are moving aggressively into the energy efficient accessories sector and have begun selling these items themselves, a number of specialist retailers are cropping up on a regular basis. These specialist retailers are sometimes only dealing in one type of bulb and despite the increasing competition, are finding their place in the market.

Websites like http://www.GU10LEDBulbs.co/ are an example of the smaller niche retailers that specialize in this type of product and are helping to fuel the predicted growth in sales figures. When contacted, this bulb retailer explained that their in-depth knowledge of the product, born out of their decision to focus their entire business on a single type of bulb, has helped them win customers and compete with the big box retailers and other larger, more general ecommerce stores.

While the temptation for specialist niche retailers to build on their success in the GU10 LED bulb market and expand their product line must be strong, diversifying could be exactly the wrong thing to do. This is due to the fact that their single focus on one product is almost certainly the leading cause of their success and to expand into other areas could dilute their potency at performing in this sector.

With the consumer demand for energy efficient products, as well as those that offer great value for money, items like the GU10 LED bulbs and other similar products are expected to be popular with consumers for the foreseeable future at least. While the temptation for those performing well in this sector to attempt to build on their recent successes must be strong, any forays into other product ranges should be carefully considered with special focus on the effect losing their specialist edge might have on consumer confidence in their brand.

While these products are available from a number of sources, it seems customers are happy to buy from a knowledgeable specialist retailer, at least while the products are new and unfamiliar. For an example of a retailer in this segment that has focused their entire business on one product of this type, this website is one such business: http://www.GU10LEDBulbs.co/

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