Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF) from BTI Technologies Performed At Ueno Periodontics

July 12, 2013

San Jose area Periodontist, Jeremy K Ueno DMD details a new procedure for dental patients.

Campbell, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

Ueno Periodontics has begun using Plasma Rich Growth Factor from BTI Technologies with its patients.

Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF) is a technology that allows the periodontal staff to take samples of the patient’s blood at the time of surgery and extract growth factors from the blood; effectively regenerating tissues without side effects and notably reducing the recovery period of fractures, muscular and tendinous injuries, and surgical interventions.

More specifically, these are proteins that everyone has in the bloodstream, and which carry out an essential function in complex processes of tissue repair and regeneration. They are naturally found in the plasma of each individual and inside platelets. The therapeutic application of growth factors stimulates and accelerates the processes of tissue healing and regeneration.

PRGF achieves faster implant integration, faster bone regeneration, reduced chance of infection and diminished post-operation discomfort. The process only takes eight minutes of centrifugation and 20 minutes of preparation. Additionally, since the patients’ own blood is being used, there is no chance of rejection. It does not contain leucocytes, avoiding the inflammatory activity. PRGF is 100 percent biocompatible, versatile and safe.

For more information on Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF) please visit http://bti-biotechnologyinstitute.com/gb/regenerative-medicine.

About the Company:

At Ueno Periodontics, Dr. Jeremy Ueno and the exceptional staff treats all of their patients' periodontal needs. They believe in conservative and predictable procedures in order to fulfill treatment needs and patient expectations. Their state-of-the-art office offers the most up to date equipment set in a relaxing and patient friendly environment.

Dr. Ueno offers all aspects of periodontal treatment ranging from esthetic laser, gum surgery to replacing missing teeth with dental implants. He is also very proud that he is able to offer laser periodontal surgery to his patients, which has many benefits over traditional periodontal or gum surgeries. For more information please visit the Ueno Periodontics website at http://www.uenoperiodontics.com.

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