One In Ten Check Smartphone During Sex
July 15, 2013

Sex And Smartphones: Nearly One in Ten Check Their Device During The Deed

Michael Harper for - Your Universe Online

Earlier last week, Harris Interactive published the results of their 2013 Mobile Consumer Habits study which outlines the many places in which people use their mobile devices. Some of the instances and locations where cell phone use is prevalent is less shocking and even expected; for instance, in a place of worship or at a child's school function. Some of the places listed are a bit more exceptional, however, including in the shower or during sex.

According to the survey, a total of nine percent of those polled reported checking their mobile device while making whoopee. An even larger 12 percent said they risked electrical shock and a damaged device by using the cell phone in the shower. The nine percent figure has garnered the study plenty of attention since it was published last week, but it's not the first study to highlight mobile users' ability to multitask.

According to the survey, nearly one in ten American adults said they use their phone during sex. This number more than doubles, however, when younger adults are asked about their cell phone habits. Twenty percent of American adults aged 18 to 34 said they checked their phones in the middle of intercourse, a figure that's not all that surprising. The Pew Internet and American Life Project has repeatedly found younger Americans are more likely to own and use a smartphone than other age groups.

Though this statistic might be surprising, it's the lowest percentage given in Harris Interactive's latest survey. A total of 55 percent of all survey participants said they use their cell phones while driving, a number that may seem unsurprising but is nonetheless dangerously high. Legislators, phone makers and even telecommunications providers have been pushing anti-distracted driving measures for years to encourage users to stow their devices while behind the wheel.

Another 35 percent of respondents say they use their mobile phone while they're in the movie theater, a practice which is often seen as inconsiderate and rude to other movie goers. Some theaters, such as Cinemark USA, Inc. have begun asking those they find using phones during a film to leave the theater. The company's own branded app, Cinemode, offers coupons and other rewards for pocketing the cell phone while in a theater.

Cell phone use is also popular while on a dinner date, another instance in which using a mobile device doesn't seem all that unlikely. According to the Harris Interactive survey, 33 percent of those asked said they use their mobile devices while on a date. Another 32 percent said they check their email or Twitter feeds on their mobiles while at a child's school function. Rounding out the list, 19 percent said they've used their cell phone while at church and another 12 percent claimed they use the phone while in the shower.

In the early days of smartphone life and constant connectedness, many reports and stories were published about couples who checked their Blackberries during sex or even interrupted sex altogether to check the source of that blinking red light. In a 2007 study, the Pittsburgh Urologic Institute claimed as many as 40 percent of Ivy League MBAs had interrupted sex to check their Blackberry.

Another 25 percent of this survey group - 90 percent of whom were male - said they were having "way too little" sex while another 35 percent said they were simply getting "too little" sex.