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OneStream’s Revolutionary Solution Provides Financial Consolidation And Reporting, Budgeting And Analysis For AAA Life Insurance Company

July 15, 2013

ROCHESTER, Mich., July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — OneStream Software LLC has developed OneStream XF, the industry’s first truly unified Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution. OneStream XF is One Product and One Application that delivers Multiple Solutions for financial data quality, financial consolidation and reporting, budgeting and analysis. These extensible solutions are made possible through the use of OneStream’s trademarked Extensible Dimensionality® technology.

No longer do companies need to purchase a “suite” of products placing the burden on customers to install, integrate and maintain all of these products. This disparate strategy is unsustainable. We leveraged our experience to engineer all components of EPM to work together in one unified solution. This is a true business user solution that lacks the complexity that plagues current offerings.

AAA Life Insurance Company implemented OneStream XF to deliver multiple and related solutions to meet all Financial Reporting requirements in one application. The OneStream XF integration adapter provides direct ERP integration and a mechanism to drill into ERP details directly from OneStream XF. “We now have a unified system that is giving us significantly improved access to our data with flexibility in reporting and analysis. We also have significantly more transparency, visibility and control over our business,” says Tim Foley, Controller at AAA Life Insurance.

According to Tom Shea, President of OneStream, “Our consolidation power and Extensible Solution will shake up the EPM market. Our experience working in corporate finance allows us to understand that it just shouldn’t be that hard to variance actual vs. budget. The current offerings force a complex process of copying, moving and integrating data between products and applications,” Shea said. “This complexity greatly increases opportunities for errors. The burden falls on finance to spend valuable time on tasks such as data validations and reconciliations between products and applications.”

The loose integration of other performance management applications were primarily developed as stand-alone products on a mix of technology platforms which later demanded integration. This situation translated into complex software installations, upgrades and maintenance.

“OneStream XF’s unifying technology cuts through those issues and consequently drives down the cost of ownership while improving performance and ease of use,” Shea said. “There is no longer a need to build, support, maintain, learn and integrate multiple products and applications.”

About OneStream Software LLC
OneStream Software is a privately held company located in Rochester, Michigan which is dedicated to providing unified Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions for the medium and large enterprise. As the original inventors and architects of UpStream WebLink(®) and Oracle’s® Hyperion® Financial Management, we started over to engineer the first sustainable platform for Unified Financial Intelligence. OneStream XF delivers Financial Data Quality, Financial Consolidation & Reporting, Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning, Dashboards, Analysis and more in One product and One application. Visit OneStream online at http://www.onestreamsoftware.com or on twitter @OneStream_Soft.

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