A Brain for the Barbecue: BBiQ™ Kickstarter Gets a Computer To Do the Cooking

July 15, 2013

Two techies from Long Island invent a way for smartphones to flip the burgers. Almost.

Lindenhurst, NY (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

The backyard barbecue is a mainstay of summertime in America, but grillmasters often find themselves chained (figuratively) to the grill, unable to enjoy their own party. That’s something Michael Raymond and Patrick Smith are hoping to change.

The BBiQ™ is a combination bluetooth sensor suite and app. It allows up to three temperature probes to connect with an Android or iOS device. The BBiQ™ app keeps an eye on the food and only notifies the operator when the grill needs tending.

“If you just love hot dogs and hamburgers, this will let you hang out with your friends and your phone will buzz or beep when it’s time to flip the burgers or turn the dogs,” Smith said. “But for people who want more, it’s even better. Suddenly you’ll be able to grill Ahi Tuna or Eggplant without worrying that you have no idea what you’re doing.”

Smith and Raymond designed the system to be smart. It comes pre-loaded with dozens of recipes, plus users can add their own and will be able to share recipes on the BBiQ™ website. When users select more than one type of food, the BBiQ™ recommends which foods to put on the grill first, lets them know when to put the next item on, and can even recommend where to place each item on the grill surface.

“What always bothered me about regular food probes is that you needed to know the temperature for whatever you were trying to cook,” said Raymond, “and even if you memorized the temperature charts and set an alarm, it only tells you when the food is fully cooked. What about when to turn it or when to add seasoning? That was just something you had to figure out for yourself.”

The BBiQ™ was launched as a Kickstarter campaign to turn Raymond and Smith's functional prototypes into a consumer device with a target price starting at under fifty dollars. For more information about the BBiQ™ or to schedule an interview, please contact Michael Raymond.

About the Team:

Michael Raymond holds a bachelor’s in computer science and has studied computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and robotics. He currently works as a technology expert in the security industry is also the author of a popular young-adult science-fiction novel.

Patrick Smith began his professional career as a software developer while still attending Stonybrook University. He has done extensive work with proprietary CRM systems and specializes in mobile and web development.

Website: http://bbiq.co/

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