GU10 LED Bulb.co Releases Timely Buyers Guide to LED Lighting

July 16, 2013

Specialist online retailer GU10LEDBulbs.co publishes a guide to buying LED lighting and GU10 Bulbs online

(PRWEB) July 16, 2013

Buying energy efficient lighting that is also affordable and offers great value for money has become an increasingly tough proposition in recent years. This rise in complexity can be largely attributed to the ever expanding number of items on sale that fit into this category. When once shopping for lighting and bulbs was simply a case of choosing the wattage or power of the bulb, picking from an optional color overlay and selecting the right fitting, the number of options available now has increased greatly.

It is for this reason that leading lighting ecommerce store http://www.GU10LEDBulbs.co/ has published a timely buyer’s guide to this style of lighting on their website. The guide gives an overview of this type of light bulb and explains some of the factors that one should take into account when shopping in this market. The guide covers many topics and should be a boon to anyone tasked with making such a purchase while simultaneously being unfamiliar with the range of items on sale.

The guide covers the most important aspects to consider when shopping for GU10 LED bulbs and provides enough information to enable a shopper to make an informed decision without overwhelming potential customers. The report includes information on the life cycle of these bulbs, the potential energy savings and other factors to consider when making a selection.

One important fact that is often unknown to those new to this type of product is the light output color offered by bulbs in the GU10 LED range. While it might seem like the lights all output a neutral color, this isn’t the whole story. The team at GU10LEDBulbs.co was keen to express that there are in fact three common colors which are known in the trade as white, cool white and daylight. With many consumers being unaware of these different options, it is not uncommon for them to end up with an unsatisfactory product without understanding why.

To find out more about this shopper’s guide to home lighting, we talked with the MD of the GU10 LED Bulbs website to find out what the motivation of the company was for creating this report. He stated that the reasoning behind commissioning this report was manifold with the core driver being making life easier for shoppers new to this product and helping them get the right product. He also confessed a slightly selfish reason behind creating the guide which was that it made the workday easier for his staff as they had fewer questions to field from confused shoppers and less returns to deal with from those picking the wrong item.

As technology continues to move at an unprecedented pace, keeping up with the latest developments can be a fulltime job in itself. While many people can keep up with the areas they have a keen interest in, household consumables such as LED bulbs, can be an area where new developments are little known about until a customer’s time of need. With that in mind, it makes a refreshing change to see retailers embracing this issue head on and providing useful and accessible information to their customers to help makes their life a little bit easier.

For more information on these bulbs and to view the buyer’s guide in detail visit the website at http://www.GU10LEDBulbs.co/

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