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Analysis: Talking About Social Ads: Sometimes Being Silent is Best

July 19, 2013

NEW YORK, July 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Here is a brief talk on talking about social ads from a representative of B2C vendor SooBest.com, which carries a wide range of products, such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, fashionable watches, fashion jewelry, and more.

I hate advertising, most of the time when I watch TV ads, I pick up the remote control to switch to other channels. But sometimes I would be willing to watch an ad, such as a NIKE ad.

NIKE ads have something unusual. While most advertisers are making use of their seconds to boast their products’ appearance and functions, NIKE does something different; they use tens of seconds to give everyone an excellent video, only revealing the NIKE logo and slogan, “Just Do It,” at the end of the spot.

If you do not watch the end of their ads, you do not even know what the ads are for, but the magic is that the ads attract you to watch it until the end. The highest level of advertising will not let the audience get bored, but will attract them and make them want to watch it until the end. At this point, NIKE certainly has done its best. NIKE’s ads give us the impression that they are not doing traditional advertising, but are doing ad placement – their products and brand information are being implanted into a movie.

Good product placement ads do not interrupt the audience, but simply impress them by the product or brand. As the old saying goes, “Silent and soft, it moistens everything.” The opposite is also true.

Traditional product placement ads are widely used in film, television, entertainment and other media nowadays, and with the coming of the era of social media, product placement ads have a broader space in which to play.

We find that social media is characterized by people who like to spread good content and good stories, rather than advertising. This makes the ads which contain good content the most likely to be spread, and then lead to the spreading of the brand or product.

How does social media to do the best implantable advertising?

In the social media era, a brand or product is more suitable for embedded advertising than in the traditional media era, but how to do the best?

  1. First, provide high-quality content. Do placement ads based on providing quality content. To spread the ads, the first thing you need to do is spread the content, and the audience often has much higher tolerance towards the placement ads with high quality content.
  2. Good content and little appearance. Do not expect users to take the initiative to spread traditional advertising via social media. They like to disseminate good stories and good content. Make good content, fade out the ads rather than outstand a large area of advertising is the best tips to get the spread of social advertising.

Placement ads never interrupt others. The maximum purpose of implantable advertising is not to interrupt the audience when you disseminate the brand or product. If you largely and repeatedly stress the brand or product in the content of implant ads, then this advertising is bad, and interrupting the audience will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction.

In the social media era, product placement will certainly appear more and more, but it is little ads that can let people arouse the initiative to share and achieve the effect of “Silent and soft, it moistens everything.” Social placement ads still have a long way to go.

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