Merrill Brink News Reviews and Opinion on July 19, 2013: Capturing Customer Loyalty in the International Marketplace

July 19, 2013

http://www.merrillbrink.com — Loyalty marketing is an important customer proposition for all global businesses. Acquiring customers and retaining them can lead to increased sales and profit.

New York, US (PRWEB) July 19, 2013

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Loyalty marketing is an important customer proposition for all global businesses. Acquiring customers and retaining them can lead to increased sales and profit.

A Temkin Group report found the inherent relationship between how customers perceive a brand and how loyal they remain to one.(1) Businesses that have a strong global plan to improve customer relationships tend to be effective at retaining customers as well. The research indicated that U.S. companies could see potential $382 million revenue and UK companies a £263 million surge by establishing and implementing smart and well-thought customer experience plans.

Coca-Cola, IBM and Microsoft are examples of businesses with well-designed loyalty programs, and a grasp of the importance of appealing to their global customer bases.(2) IBM, Coca-Cola and Microsoft have 139, 117 and 96 different localized websites, respectively, displaying their commitment to reaching an international audience. A partnership with a language services provider (LSP) can further that commitment, while ensuring efficient and accurate translations along the way.

As the digital landscape continues to grow and evolve, so does the emergence of a new generation of customers.(3) Today's youth will become tomorrow's spenders, and business and industry leaders are finding new ways to reach them. Technological advances have also opened the door for innovative and increased ways to reach a specific culture. An LSP can also assist in translating content throughout different regions.

One example of a customer loyalty program is PepsiCo's partnership with Foursquare.(4) The Foursquare app now alerts users as to where they can purchase Pepsi products, and how they can earn points with a Pepsi loyalty card in the process. With 50 percent of Foursquare users now outside the U.S., more companies are noticing the advantages to working with them to reach an international audience. Other leading companies using Foursquare include Starbuck's, Tasti-D-Lite and Macy's.

A language solutions partner can provide accurate translations across multiple languages and ensure content is consistent when reaching out to customers in different regions. Understanding your global audience and maintaining great customer experience through loyalty programs can improve a company’s market share and revenue at the same time.

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