Orsto Ltd Announces Launch of PLUS+ Watch. The Next Generation In Wearable Technology. A Stand Alone Smartphone that is also a Smart Watch.

July 20, 2013

Breaking new ground entirely, the PLUS+ Watch is a highly evolved product developed by Orsto Ltd in the United Kingdom that will revolutionize the way consumers look at time and communication.


A first in the marketplace, the PLUS+ Watch can do the two very innovative things that every consumer wants – be a fully functioning stand alone Smartphone and also a Smart Watch that can be tethered to a full size Smartphone, safely tucked away in your pocket, purse or bag. What could be more convenient? “Normally a Smart Watch is just a Bluetooth device that needs to have a connection to a Smartphone to work. The PLUS+ Watch has that option, however, it’s a stand alone wrist-mounted Smartphone as well. Because the consumer has the choice to use the PLUS+ Watch as a Stand Alone Smartphone or as a tethered Smart Watch, this makes our product the ideal upgrade from a normal Smart Watch as it is has much better lifestyle benefits by a long, long way.” said Paul Gill, Founder and Chief Engineer at Orsto Ltd.

Gill further said of the PLUS+ Watch, “This is a huge leap forward in personal communication and computer miniaturization. It’s truly the next generation in wearable technology.” During the past three years the development team at Orsto have replicated the entire internal components of a high tech Smartphone and then, by intelligent miniaturization, compacted them all into a watch-sized casing. The watch is one-third the size of an average Smartphone. Fueled by a specially designed li-ion 800mAh battery specifically manufactured for the PLUS+ Watch the intricate engineering design of this one-of-a-kind Watch is unsurpassed.

In the past Smart Watches have been limited by small black and white screens. However, the PLUS+ Watch has a two inch high resolution color capacitive touch display that is compact, yet latge enough to easily navigate with your finger.

The PLUS+ Watch is designed to do everything a 21st Century Smartphone does right down to running of thousands of entertaining and useful apps. Just like a full size Smartphone, the PLUS+ Watch is a telephone, an internet and social networking portal, and a GPS navigation and driving alert system. It has the capacity to send and receive texts, emails, MMS alerts and can be used to play games & puzzles, read books, listen to music, and watch TV and movies. The android operating system technology and vibrant 2” color screen can display a choice of handsome watch dials which are attractive and easy to tell the time at an easy glance. The design of the PLUS+ Watch is also carefully created fashion statement with its contemporary and elegant approach in keeping with European styling.

Conveniently, the PLUS+ Watch has a menu and navigation system that is easily understandable. In addition, the product has a quick reference guide and user manual that encompasses brief and easily understood explanations and screen shots of the most popular features of the PLUS+ Watch. The groundbreaking watch also has a free customer service option.

Kept safely on the wrist, gone are the days when an expensive Smartphone can be left behind, dropped, or stolen. No more fumbling in a purse or jacket pocket to answer the ringing phone. Just for convenience sake alone, the PLUS+ Watch is exceptional, as studies show that eighty percent of Smartphones are damaged or destroyed when they are dropped.

Using this revolutionary wearable technology, PLUS+ Watch users will be ahead of the game in all regards as the product comes with discounted trade-in upgrades when newer models become available and a quick resolution warranty. With the comprehensive two year warranty Orsto Ltd. will either repair or replace the product free of charge.

Orsto Ltd is a United Kingdom based company involved in developing innovative technology. Through the development of strong relationships within the industry

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Contact: Paul Gill

Tel: +44(0)191 3753935

E-mail: contact(at)orsto(dot)com

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