DNA Services of America Reveals that Swimsuit Model is Not Congressman’s Daughter

July 22, 2013

DNA Services of America has identified that Representative Stephen Cohen is not the biological father of swimsuit model, Victoria Brink, whom he was caught tweeting during the State of the Union. Questions regarding how such a claim could be leveled without DNA testing has been answered.

(PRWEB) July 22, 2013

DNA Services of America’s DNA testing has conclusively revealed that swimsuit model Victoria Brink is not Tennessee Representative Stephen Cohen’s daughter. With this revelation the importance of obtaining a DNA test to determine paternity was thrown into the national spotlight. Questions have been asked and now answers are available, most specifically how did a United States Representative mistakenly assume a swimsuit model was his long-lost daughter?

The story first broke when Representative Cohen was caught tweeting to a mysterious swimsuit model, Victoria Brink, during the broadcast of the 2013 State of the Union. In a typical audience scan, Representative Steven Cohen was clearly displayed texting instead of paying attention to President Obama’s remarks. This launched a quick inquiry into whom the Representative was tweeting and why.

From the beginning speculations flew as to the nature of the relationship between the Representative and the swimsuit model. When confronted with speculations and allegations that he was romantically involved with the swimsuit model the congressman revealed that Victoria Brink was not his paramour, rather his daughter.

How did the Representative mistake Victoria Brink to be his daughter? He simply searched the internet for Victoria Brink’s mother, and discovered that she had given birth to Victoria roughly nine months after a previous relationship. From that simple inquiry congressman Cohen then assumed that she was his biological daughter. Congressman Cohen then reached out and introduced himself to Victoria in an attempted to connect with her.

However, not everyone was prepared to learn of the potential relationship between Cohen and Brink. The presumed father of Victoria Brink, oil magnate John Brink, was shocked to learn of the allegation and wanted answers. Following the big media reveal of Cohen naming Victoria his daughter, it was decided that a DNA test was needed. On July 18, 2013, DNA Services of America’s DNA paternity test revealed that Steve Cohen was not the father, but that John Brink was, in fact, Victoria Brink’s biological father.

DNA Services of America was chosen to perform this paternity test because of their quickness and accuracy in obtaining results. DNA Services of America operates numerous DNA testing labs throughout the United States. DNA Services of America performs DNA tests not only to determine paternity, but also to help identify ancestors, DNA tests for genealogical purposes, as well as immigration and forensic services.

As of yet Victoria Brink’s mother has not issued a public statement regarding her relationship with Steve Cohen, nor offered any information regarding her role in helping the congressman connect with Victoria Brink. It is unknown if Victoria Brink’s mother knew that congressman Cohen was the father or not, and has stayed out of the media spotlight regarding the issue.

As reported on by News Channel 3 WREG Memphis on July 18, 2013.

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