Five Tips to Keep Your Company Message in Tip Top Shape

July 23, 2013

On Hold Company tip sheet shares advice on creating on-hold marketing for business.

SHREVEPORT, La. (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

Do you wear the same style clothes in January as you do in July? Isn't the Halloween candy getting a little stale by Thanksgiving? And nobody's still wearing those silly 2013 New Year's novelty glasses.

Customer tastes and preferences change throughout the year, and your company's on hold messages and promotions should too. If callers on hold hear Christmas carols still playing in January, they're going to legitimately wonder how reliable and professional your organization really is. Here's a short checklist to help companies create effective hold messaging and marketing solutions:

1.    Use a cohesive marketing strategy: On-hold messaging is a direct access point to customers and prospects. As such, it should be considered as much a part of the overall marketing agenda. Use the same slogans on hold that you do in print, TV and radio advertising. Other strategies include cross-referencing the company website and social media channels.

2.    Create a good script: The time a caller spends on hold is a valuable time for marketing to a captive audience. A custom on-hold messaging script tailored to your business’s specific marketing objectives ensures that time is not wasted. The script should be written in a style that accurately reflects the tone and personality of the business. Companies can write their own on-hold messaging script or choose a provider that offers scriptwriting services.

3.    Select the right voice: Even the best-written script will fall flat with the wrong delivery. In many cases, the company president or a local radio DJ are not viable options. Companies should use a professional voice talent with a style that blends into the culture of their business.

4.    Pick the right music: It might be called background music, but it is crucial to setting the right tone. A company might advertise on the local Top 40 station, but playing the radio, or CDs for that matter, is not the answer on hold. Not only is it illegal, but a business risks exposing callers to a competitor’s commercials while they wait on hold. The combined effect of a company’s on-hold messaging script, voice talent and background music should give callers the same impression of the business that visitors to the brick-and-mortar location have.

5.    Update the message regularly: A variety of reasons exist for changing a company’s on-hold messages. Seasonal services and promotions, new products and services, or changes in hours of operation are just a few examples of changes that can be made to on-hold messaging scripts. Even changing the voice talent or the background music can make the message sound fresh to frequent callers. Companies need to determine an effective frequency for updating their on-hold messages and work with their provider to keep the updates on schedule.

A 2012 survey found that 85% of companies that use on hold messaging think that it adds value to their business. And it does add value – but only if the company pays proper attention to the content, presentation, and freshness of the message. On Hold Company's marketing and production professionals are experienced in helping companies create effective, professional on hold messaging.

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