Sprint Rolls Out LTE To The Bronx, Brooklyn, And New York Subways
July 24, 2013

Sprint Rolls Out 4G LTE To The Bronx, Brooklyn, And New York Subways

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Sprint announced today that they will be expanding their new 4G LTE service to two New York boroughs on July 30. Sprint customers in the Bronx and Brooklyn will soon be able to access the faster network, as well as fall back on a more reliable 3G network when a faster option isn't available. Though they are able to finally deliver the next generation wireless network to one of the biggest cities in the world, the other three boroughs that make up the Big Apple will have to depend on a few pockets of LTE coverage, which Sprint has not yet officially rolled out. To bring faster connection speeds to more parts of New York, Sprint also announced a new deal today that will provide wireless data and voice service to each of the 277 underground subway stations. Subsidiaries Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile will get similar coverage in 36 stations in Chelsea and midtown Manhattan next year.

Though Sprint was able to formally announce 4G LTE in the Bronx and Brooklyn today, they said the same coverage would come to remaining parts of New York "in the coming months."

Sprint, which recently merged with Japanese company SoftBank Corp, announced last September they'd be expanding their new network to 100 cities. All the while, the company has been using “in the coming months” as a deadline for each of the new cities they plan to take online. Now, nearly a year later, Sprint has made good on their promise to deliver a faster network to New York. This lag lands them in last place amongst the other big three carriers in the United States. T-Mobile took little time at all to roll out their next generation wireless network to 116 cities and 157 million people. In addition to the Bronx and Brooklyn, Sprint now operates their 4G LTE in 111 cities. Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Clarksville, Tennessee; Raleigh, North Carolina and St. Cloud, Minnesota are all on the list of future cities to receive the faster network. Sprint was the first to launch a 4G network in America, though their first try was not very successful. They retooled their network and tried again last summer, landing in 15 cities located mainly in Georgia and Texas, as well as their home state of Kansas.

Sprint also announced the finalization of their deal with Transit Wireless, the company that owns the wireless network in New York's subway systems, to deliver Sprint service underground. In April, city officials and Transit Wireless brought the same coverage to 36 subway stations and platforms in a partnership with each of the big four carriers. AT&T and T-Mobile were the first carriers to offer this service to just six stations in Chelsea. Now that Sprint has finalized their deal, they'll begin working with Transit and city officials to install their network at all 227 stations. They'll begin with the 36 subway locations already on line before moving on to include 40 more stations including Grand Central, 34th St., Herald Square and Bryant Park.

With these new additions, Sprint hopes to turn on 4G LTE connectivity and a stronger 3G network to 200 million of their customers by 2013.