Dr. Dre Prescribes New Beats Studio Headphones
July 25, 2013

Dr. Dre Prescribes New Beats Studio Headphones

Enid Burns for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online

Most hit songs spend a lot of time in the studio being remastered. Then the musicians often go back in the studio and remix the song to add new beats to keep the tune fresh. Well, Beats Electronics just remixed their flagship Beats By Dr. Dre Studio headphone with some upgraded features and advancements over the original set of cans.

The company precisely tuned the new Beats Studio headphones with custom digital software called the Beats Acoustic Engine (BAE). The software powers the headphones to deliver a reengineered and reimagined Beats sound experience. The headphones pack noise-canceling capabilities using adaptive noise cancellation (ANC), which has two modes to provide the best performance.

In music mode, sound quality and noise cancellation are balanced to deliver the best possible listening experience. When unplugged, the noise cancellation takes over to provide more aggressive noise reduction. This comes in handy in noisy settings such as on a flight where the drone of the airplane is washed out. All materials used to make the headphones -- from the ear cups to the headband -- help to isolate sound and provide the acoustics for the new Studio headphones.

The new headphones have an internal Lithium-ion battery that provides 20 hours of playback time. Headphones are charged using a micro USB cable and can be charged by plugging into a USB port of a computer or a wall outlet. A five-light LED battery indicates battery life like a "fuel gauge." And if the headphones are not in use, they power down once they are unplugged.

While the Studio headphones are packed with a number of technical upgrades, Beats put just as much thought into the design of its next-generation headphones. The cans were designed to create a streamlined look, feel and fit. Beats uses lighter materials, increased strength and improved flexibility. An ergonomic adjustment mechanism around the ear cups helps adjust the headphones to the head without restriction; this is done with a single floating pivot.

"With the original Studio headphone we set out to prove that people all around the world care enough about sound to invest in it -- and we did," said Jimmy Iovine, Interscope Geffin A&M Chairman and co-founder of Beats Electronics, in a corporate statement. "Now we are taking it a step further. The new Studio is tuned with balance, accuracy and emotion, has a breathtaking design and truly innovative technology. This is the sound of the future."

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones will be available in August for $299.95.

Beats Electronics was founded by artist and producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine. In 2011, mobile electronics firm HTC bought half of the company to put Beats Electronics technology in mobile phone handsets. Since the initial investment, Beats has bought back half of the HTC shares, USA Today reported. Over the years, the company has had design input from Lady Gaga, LeBron James and Justin Bieber.

The original Studio headphones still sell for $250, though the older model won't be restocked once it sells out.

"The new headphones are lighter -- at 0.263 kilograms, about 13 percent lighter than the original with batteres -- and are curvier," the USA Today article reported.

The headphones have a slightly cleaner sound than the original model, USA Today said.

"Music is my first love," said Dr. Dre, in a corporate statement. "It's how artists and producers communicate with their fans, but if the sound isn't right, then the emotion isn't right and the meaning gets lost in translation."