Sales Tax Changes and Taxability Issues Prompt New Industry Tax Gateway on SalesTaxSupport.com

July 25, 2013

Internet sales tax is a hot topic these days, but unfortunately, sales tax changes and product taxability challenges are not new to most businesses, especially those in industries with particularly complex or rapidly changing sales tax regulations. Business sales tax information website SalesTaxSupport.com has launched a new “Sales Tax Changes and Challenges” blog gateway to provide businesses with industry-specific tax information as well as the ability to connect directly with sales tax specialists and thought leaders.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

Sales tax changes are becoming a daily topic for many businesses, prompting SalesTaxSupport.com to launch the "Sales Tax Changes and Challenges" gateway which provides industry-specific sales tax information to businesses, as well as direct access to tax specialists and thought leaders.

Between the Marketplace Fairness Act and Amazon.com affiliate nexus issue, it’s almost impossible to open any sort of news or business information resource without seeing a reference to some aspect of the sales tax debate. But while sales tax changes may be news for some, it’s unfortunately an old story for many businesses, especially those in industries which face particularly complex tax rules.

“Sales tax compliance is a challenging process, especially for companies active on a multi-state basis,” says Susan Jaeger, Sales Tax Support's publisher. “A company’s filing obligations can extend well beyond the 46 states that currently have a sales tax. After factoring in smaller local jurisdictions, over 10,000 taxing authorities can be involved. Not only are there varying tax rates and forms, but the taxability status of a product or service can also differ by jurisdiction. So can the basic definition of that product or service. As an example, IT staff augmentation services may be considered a taxable help supply service in Pennsylvania, but in New Jersey it may be an exempt computer service.”

The Industry groups that are featured in the new sales tax resource are diverse. They range from traditional categories such as Construction, Manufacturing and Food Tax – to others like Telecom and Software, where sales tax rules change as quickly as the technologies these industries utilize.

Use the following link to access the “Sales Tax Changes and Challenges” Industry Tax categories.

The Software category (“Cloud, Software and Digital Issues”) is expected to draw substantial traffic as many states still have sales and use tax rules which often don’t fully address the taxability of traditional software, let alone the virtual or remote accessed cloud technologies which are now commonplace.    “Taxability of cloud software and digital transactions is a particularly problematic area of compliance for all companies, regardless of the industry. States are aggressively auditing these transactions both on the sell and buy side, with policy interpretations that are not necessarily supported by law,” says Carolynn Iafrate Kranz of Industry Sales Tax Solutions, a recognized taxability specialist and one of the Site’s featured contributors.

The new “Sales Tax Changes and Challenges” blog gateway will provide small-medium business users with industry-specific tax content, as well as the ability to submit comments and questions directly to recognized sales tax specialists like Iafrate Kranz. In doing so, SalesTaxSupport.com continues to expand its “go to” sales tax information resource in order to meet the needs of the business community — especially those with multi-state activities.

About SalesTaxSupport.com:

SalesTaxSupport.com (published by STS Publishing LLC) is a free information website where small-medium businesses can find sales tax information, as well as a broad range of resources from recognized sales tax solution and service providers. Visit the Sales Tax Support website at http://www.salestaxsupport.com/ or call 1-888-344-3944 for more information.

About Industry Sales Tax Solutions:

Industry Sales Tax Solutions (“ISTS”) offers a subscription database containing the sales and use taxability of software related transactions, digital content and cloud services. In addition to providing taxability determinations on a state basis, ISTS addresses the complex sourcing rules applicable to this industry. Visit the ISTS web-site at http://www.industrysalestax.com or call 1-610-458-7227.

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